Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where in the World?

Sometimes when I look at my son's Facebook, I feel like he's Waldo on tour. Remember those Where in the World is Waldo? books? This kid is having way too much fun with his work. Too bad all of us can't find that kind of happiness in our jobs! He really seems to have found his niche in life!

I guess I should explain. He works for Ecco Golf (shoes) touring the country putting on promotional events at stores, golf courses, and golf tournaments. I stole some of his photos off his Facebook page of his roadtrip since he left here in early February.

Golf in Florida with a friend!

Pacific Dunes in Oregon

Michael in Bandon, Oregon. He loves beaches too! They just have to be adjacent to a world class golf course! His stance in this photo reminds me of the Gorton's fisherman. HA!

Michael at Bill Murray's Caddyshack tournament in Florida. Michael says he's a great guy!

Birds at Bandon Beach

My dad was an avid golfer and taught Michael to golf at a really young age. He was letting Michael play at his country club by the time Michael was in kindergarten. So he would be absolutely thrilled that Michael's found a way to do what he loves while he's earning a living.


Moongrl722 said...

That's so cool! Glad to hear Bill Murray is 'a great guy'. I've always loved his work. :) Lucky Michael, he's a cutie.

jeanie said...

What a cool job! I'm sure Michael is great at what he does.