Friday, April 2, 2010


I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, so figured I might as well post something!

The woman who sits next to me at work said something shocking the other day. "It's been 60 years since I had a fourth grader." I quickly did the math and realized -- she's got to be over 80! My first thought was this is the LAST place I want to be when I'm 80 something, but then I realized it's probably a great way to keep those brain cells jumping! The woman really puts me to shame. She's extremely knowledgeable about computers and can compare all the Microsoft operating systems. She mentioned this week that she's been paying her bills online for years (and I just got around to that a few years ago). She talks about all the technology that's come about in her lifetime and has a great grasp on historical issues since she's lived a lot of it! And she has an amazingly with-it sense of humor.

The one thing that impresses me about my workplace is the diversity. They're definitely stellar in the EEO department. People of all races, ages, and differences. One man in particular stands out -- an autistic albino. Since I used to work with special needs kids in an institution, I immediately noted all the stereotypical behaviors in the breakroom. Lots of frenetic activity with pacing, spinning, staring at the hands, etc... I haven't worked in close proximity to him, but I've been told he has an eidetic memory which would be highly useful in our workplace. That link on eidetic memory explains the connection to autism.

I almost finished my book of the week -- Say You're One of Them, by Uwen Akpan. Talk about an enlightening book on a different culture! It's a collection of stories on the plight of children in Africa, each caught in their own nightmare whether it's human slavery, war, hunger . . . . Our computers were down for over two hours yesterday, so lots of reading time! I was a little afraid they'd send us home (without pay). Actually, I would have loved a few extra hours to run to the grocery store, library, etc..., but it's nice to be paid to sit and read. : )

TGIF! The weekend weather here's supposed to be stellar! Getta load of the 80's get up on Loverboy in this video! Love the headband!

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