Sunday, December 30, 2012

Door Angst!

Deep thoughts, probably because I couldn't sleep last night.  I return home with photos of all these doors, yet I've entered few to none of them.  Perhaps the title of this post should be Doorways Not Chosen.  Does it signal a lack of adventure, a failure to speak the language and breach the cultural divide, or just that I'm hesitant to break rules and be impolite?  Or maybe I'm just over thinking it.   Next trip I vow to explore more and enter a few local doorways.

We have dropped our laundry here, but I've never entered the inner sanctum.

Butterflies are free.

A door on a side street off the malecon.  I think I finally got this one straight!

Donde?  I do not know.

A much photographed island door.  I must have been taken this on one of the many cool days because the little white dog isn't peeking under the door.

This door opens to a shop that sells books and they may have voted for Josefina.  I must be clairvoyant.

Never noticed this door until it was closed.  It's the kitchen door at the former Playa del Sol.

A bright cheery yellow door against a bright purple wall!

Another old favorite.  I never noticed the door or windows open on this trip.  There are usually colorful curtains billowing out that window.

Ommmmmmmm.  I wonder if this door will open for business again?

I noticed an older woman in the street very upset with me after I took this photo. I guess locals tire of tourists lurking in the shadows taking photos of doors.

I have entered this doorway a few times, but never found a souvenir I wanted badly enough to bargain.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I rarely enter shops now.  Bargaining is just not my nature, nor do I want to pay an astronomical amount because of my reluctance to enter the fray.  I'm definitely culturally challenged.

Lo Lo Lorena's pretty blue door.

A door for people of short stature.

Juarez door across from the Navy base.

Door on the zocalo. 

Casa El Pio's door.  I really should poke my head in here sometime and check out rooms, but they always seem to be booked up online.

A friend once told me that a well-known maletero lives here.  Sometimes the trike is parked in front.

Ave. Juarez 17 could use a facelift.

Love this door with the Mexican blanket curtain.

Colorful Juarez doorway.  (What's that X about?)

Medina shop doors I haven't seen open for years.  Evidently someone lives there since the window's open.

Lesson learned?  Maybe I should walk through a few more doors instead of lurking on the street.  Or take photos of doors I walk through?  But I'm guessing I only walk through open doors!  I have a headache from deep thoughts.  Pass the ibuprofen!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Home for Christmas

Hope all your days are merry and bright, even if your Christmases aren't white.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

La Lomita

It's not a good trip to Isla Mujeres if we don't eat at La Lomita at least once!  So one evening in November, we climbed up the hill on Juarez for our fix of authentic Mexican food.

I really need to get a photo of La Lomita's waiter some trip.  He's quite a character.

Sometimes when we pass La Lomita, I feel badly because the tables are empty.  All the tables inside were filled when we arrived, so we took one of the available tables on the street out front.

I noticed this cute shuttered window inside, so after the tables inside cleared, I stepped in to take a few photos.

I can't say I'd ever been inside because it's usually very warm, so I was surprised at the quaint brightly decorated interior.

Now I'm wondering why I didn't get a photo of Craig's plate?  The enchilada suizas, as always, were decadent and wonderful.  I'd like to say we split them, but I distinctly remember him ordering a burrito in his quest to find the best burrito on the island.  (Poc Chuc at the mercado is still number one in his book.)  La Lomita's also started including soup with dinner.  It was good, but really, I didn't eat more than a few spoonfuls before the main course showed up.

Once again, Craig's ride came down the street, so we knew it was time to flee.  : )  Actually, as we were getting up, one of my readers came up to the table.  Hi Helen!  I'm always shocked when someone recognizes me, especially since my photo's basically now half my face in sunglasses. Craig says I look like I'm in the Witness Protection Program.  I think Helen actually recognized Craig since I don't hesitate to post his photos.  It was great meeting her and making a new Isla friend!

After paying the bill, we walked down Juarez and took a swing through the zocalo on our way home.  One of these trips, we should try dinner there.  My street food consumption has so far been limited to churros and marquesitas, with an occasional flan in the early years.  We did notice the flan/cake lady at the bottom of the hill on Juarez is once again selling her sweets out of a glass case in front of her house.  Some friends bought flan and cake from her on our way home from Cafe Havana another night.

I apologize for being an infrequent poster the past week.  (And I need to apologize to all my friends and relatives for the Christmas cards that are still sitting on the kitchen counter.)  Both Craig and I have been consumed with medical procedures lately.  Hopefully soon we'll be done with it and back on the road to Wellsville.  I hate it when I don't have my next beach trip planned!