Friday, March 19, 2010

March in the Desert

Our weather this week has been fantastic with blue skies and 80 degree temps. I've been spending my week out and about, taking Saby for morning walks, and hopping on the bike for morning rides in the regional park down the road. The park's trails loop around past marshy lakes where visitors can observe the wildlife and plants. Arizona wildflowers are in bloom right now and just gorgeous.

Saby's also loving the good weather! The ice cream truck is back in the neighborhood. It's a large brightly painted van with psychedelic blinking lights that plays Don't Worry, Be Happy. Saby was so happy to see it last night, she took off running down the middle of the street after it! Fortunately, I had her on a long leash. I'm not sure what she thought it was, but it was funny!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower colors!!!

Isla Chica