Monday, December 15, 2014

Food Cravings, Sharing, and Stuart Smalley

Those of you who've met me won't believe this one.  I actually totally lost my appetite for over a month after my surgery.  Unfortunately, when the first six weeks were up, all hell broke loose.

I'd like to say I seized the opportunity to drop 20 pounds, but it didn't work out that way.  The downward fall started with a trip to Costco to buy a pumpkin pie to take to a friend's house for Thanksgiving.  I bought a couple of chocolate items to give as hostess gifts during the holidays and an extra pumpkin pie with the intention of inviting the neighbors over for a late birthday party.

Despite my generous intentions, the huge bag of Ghiradelli chocolates and the extra pumpkin pie just disappeared.  Oops.

I try not to be a complete glutton when we're on the island, so it somehow makes me feel better to split food items when we can.  It saves on calories and the budget.  (I realize from the looks of the photos below, I'm in total denial about saving calories!)

Rolandi's on Hidalgo is open late if you happen to arrive on a ferry after 10:00 p.m.  This pizza with proscuitto, mushrooms, olives, and asparagus has always been a favorite and big enough to split.

We usually head to Barlito our first morning for a breakfast and Brad/Tiffany fest.  We often share a Cool Breeze or panini at Barlito, but it looks like we didn't this particular morning.  But they're big enough! 

Notice the sandia above in that photo with the Blume panini?  I discovered that the juice shop on Juarez (the San Jorge) sells sandia in bottles in the same case as the OJ.  On our last trip, we stopped everyday on the way to the beach to buy the large bottle.  I drank as our son used to say -- the whole of it -- and didn't split it!

We usually hit Oscar's early in the trip to split the lasagna and garlic knots.  That's my half share above.

We also enjoy splitting a Soggy Peso burger and sweet potato fries for lunch once a week.

If you hang around Barlito until lunch, the nachos are loaded and HUGE!

If you happen to encounter the pan man who walks around with this metal container on his head, it's also big enough to split.  Just kidding, but look at all those goodies!  This trip I vow to buy something from him.  He was down by the old Juarez ferry dock when I saw him in May (just north of where the Gran Puerto ferry docks).

We also love sharing the sliders and Cobb salad at Qubano.   

Here's Ruben of Ruben's with his humongous burrito!  It's a keeper.  Order an extra plate and cut it down the middle.  It's definitely enough food for two!

I simply have to quit with the food before I strip the pantry tonight.  I'm craving all of the above and more!

Back in the day when we traveled to Isla Mujeres several times a year, I got a little jaded and ho hum. The past few years with our catastrophes and cancelled trips, I can truthfully tell you that I am excited  to the max about my next trip!  I'm channeling Stuart Smalley!  I can affirm that I'm Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Doggoneit, I Deserve This Trip!  (I made up that last part.)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot . . . .

Like Christmas!  I'm baaaack.  

I have new hardware and a card for the TSA when I fly.  Yesterday marked two months since my TKR -- total knee replacement. Woo hoo!  The process wasn't easy.  It was described to me as hell by a physical therapist before my surgery and fortunately I didn't listen.  (But she didn't lie.)

It's water under the bridge now.  I still need ice and Aleve, but I can walk short distances, swim, and crack jokes.   

And -- ta daaaaa -- I can return to Isla (next year).  I'll be the seaglass spotter and Craig can be the picker.

Cheers and Feliz Navidad!