Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dock Tales

Morning solitude.

Counting lobsters.

A different lure for fishermen.

Official pace boat of the U.S. Congress.

The morning meeting.  Two pelicans, two businessmen, and some guys cutting fish.

The view from the dock.

Pink?  Time to drink!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Yo Ho Ho and a Great Mojito!

My friends round here who consider me to be the neighborhood teetotaler would gasp.  Varadero's mojitos are so good -- I consumed two.  

What better place to be on a Saturday afternoon than Varadero's porch listening to Javi and the band playing Cuban music.

We thought about eating fish, but ordered another round of minty rummy Mojitos instead!

Warning to Varadero customers.  You may need to call the waiters to help remove a napping dog  from the cart when it's time to depart!  LOL

See you in July Toby!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

No Tequila Sunrises

Every trip to Paradise, I vow not to miss a sunrise. I only woke up for one this entire trip, and it wasn't worth the photo!  So no tequila sunrises!

The good news is we managed to take in a lot of sunsets.  It was easier since we were staying at Villas San Miguel in town across from the zocalo.  The island's only a few blocks wide in that area, so we could quickly hop to the docks for sunset photos.  (Okay, hop's an exaggeration with the new knee.)

Here's a progression of my favorite sunsets from the docks in January.


Monday, February 9, 2015

The Village People, Part Uno

I'm suffering from dazed reentry syndrome.  I wake up in the morning with no clue where I am.  Instead of crashing ocean waves or the faint thud of drums from the Navy marching band in the distance, I'm waking to the roar of diesel engines building a new road a few blocks over.  Saturday while eating lunch, a woman came bounding across the patio at the local club yelling my name and I'm ashamed to admit I had no clue who she was.  It took me a few seconds.  I think I need a Lumosity subscription!

The village people here look very strange to me!  Not at all like the people I was used to seeing and hearing for a month.  No one calls us honeymooners when we walk down the street and asks me to come take a look.  No one says it's my turn now.

Here are some people you may recognize that I'm missing from my sometime January/February life. Let's just call them the village people.

The fish taco vendor in the zocalo.  We passed him at least 10 times a day since he was right across the street from our home away from home.

The balloon man.

The friendly tie dyed hipsters who cruised El Centro on foot most days.

This man with the sombreros who sells a bottle of rot gut tequila with tourists' pictures in the sombreros plastered on the front has never pestered me.  If memory serves me right, one time in the early years he caught a table of us at Fayne's partying and I insisted I was going to take his photo and charge him five dollars.  LOL

The women from Chiapas with their exotic village clothing.  Well, it looks pretty exotic to my eyes compared to the shorts and t-shirts everyone wears at home in Arizona!

This is not my best shot of Basket Man, but I swear he poses for me now everytime he sees me and my camera.  I was a distance away from him in the square and he turned, faced me, and gave me a knowing smile.  LOL  Anyone know his name?  Guess I'm not so anonymous afterall. 

Man with fish.  I bet if we ate breakfast at Bobo's in the morning everyday, I'd have a lot of these photos.  This is the first time I've caught a photo of a man walking through El Centro carrying a large fish.

Mariachis were out in full force this trip since it's high season.

I love that some local women still wear the traditional huipils.

I see this guy on the island every trip now.  Maybe the stalker is being stalked!

To be continued!  Now, back to reality.  Guess I'd better drag myself to the gym or pool and get back into the old routine! I'm hoping my cultural confusion clears in a few days!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty Murals Everywhere

Pretty murals dot the island now.  Among my favorites are these paintings over the bus benches south on Medina. If these four are knitted together horizontally, they combine into a beautiful panorama.