Friday, May 31, 2013

This Little Piggy Went to Market

After our morning seaglass hunt or a few hours on Playa Norte, we often stop at the Mercado on Guerrero to buy bottled orange juice or eat at one of the four outdoor stalls. Inside or out, it's a great place to snap a few photos.

La Union Local #3 (we call it Poc Chuc) has these cute little piggy napkin holders on the table.

I have a funny little story from this lunch at the market.  Back in November when we were eating Thanksgiving dinner with friends, one of them, the comedian, came up with the whacky idea that we should field a rumor on the island that I'm a travel blogger for the New York Times in order to rake in lots of freebies and perks. She loves to tease and kept us all rolling through dinner with various crazy scenarios she invented.  Dinners at the better restaurants on the house, free drinks, comped rooms at posh boutique hotels, free cocos and massages on the beach, etc....

This particular afternoon in April when Craig and I were sharing an order of guacamole and tacos at Poc Chuc, an older man approached us from the fourth stall.  I think it's Tacos Tumbre?  He very formally introduced himself and politely informed me that the fourth stall made the best ceviche on the entire island.  He insisted that he would get us a plate of their ceviche gratis to sample.

Okay, that seemed very odd!  After politely telling him that we really had more than we could eat with the guacamole and tacos, he turned and left a little disappointed.  I've never experienced anything like that before while eating at the market.  Very strange!

The light bulb suddenly clicked on.  He'd seen me taking photos of our food and assumed I was somebody to court for a promotional opportunity?  Maybe he'd heard the rumor from November!  LOL    Hopefully my friend will read this and have a good laugh!

After eating, we usually wander inside so I can snap some photos.  This stall in the market hangs bolsas on a clothesline across the top of their booth.

The market altar just inside the main door.

Peppers and more.

And more peppers!  That watermelon looks really good.  Every watermelon I buy here at home is not sweet or ripe.

The stall with the bolsas for sale always has a table of cut pieces of watermelon and papaya.

Eat your veggies!

Is this pig skin for frying?

Another colorful booth.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We're still slogging away here at home keeping everything in order for the occasional showing.  We had one this afternoon and tomorrow there's an Open House.  Man the mop!  Anyone want to buy a house in the Phoenix burbs?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Morning Dreaming

Right now, I'm perched on the sofa deciding whether to bother sprucing up the house for any possible Sunday viewings.  Maybe I shouldn't because in my experience, that's a sure fire way to produce some looky loo's.

After the big open house yesterday, it's nice to take a break and dream a little.  What would we be doing if we were on Isla?

Maybe sleeping in after catching the morning sunrise?

Taking a Sunday morning walk around El Centro?  Here, the woman at the Paleteria is getting ready to open.

 Attending the boat show?  It's everyday on Isla!

Stopping by the market for a tasty breakfast?  Maybe some scrambled eggs with chorizo?

Finding a quiet beach spot before the Sunday crowd arrives?

People watching on Medina?  Here the missionaries are working the street.

Trying a tamale for lunch?  This guy sells tamales on the beach side of Medina now on Sundays.

Getting a Sunday massage?

Buying a breakfast torta?  These guys seem to have a regular morning following.

Oh well.  I can dream!  Now I'm wondering if I should get off the sofa?  Nah.  Best to rest.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arte + Diseno

The last six nights of our recent trip to Isla Mujeres, we tried someplace new!  Arte + Diseno on Juarez.  Today I thought I'd post a link to the Facebook page and website and include some of my photos from our April stay in the studio.  Like the Facebook page and take a look! 

Old colonial style door to Arte + Diseno.

 Looking out the window onto the front patio.

Comfortable patio benches.  I spent a few afternoons lying here reading a book.

The seaglass collection looks like it belongs on the rustic white table. 

The patio that fronts Juarez.  It actually sits about a half-story above the street.  This area of Juarez gets a cool breeze from the ocean, so it's a great place to relax, read a book, listen to music, watch the neighborhood, etc...  Early in the morning and late at night, you can hear the sound of the waves!

The shabby chic Yucatan colonial studio comes equipped with A/C, sound system, and a small kitchen area which includes microwave, fridge, and hot plate.  I'll admit to never using the microwave or hot plate! 

For those who don't feel like walking the few short blocks into the heart of El Centro, La Lomita and Victor's Cafe Havana are just up the street.  In fact, we could see La Lomita from the front gate and Victor's just a few steps on up the hill for carryout!

La Lomita is just up the street.

Looking down Juarez from the front of the patio.

Dining on Victor's Cuban sandwich and salad on the front patio.

Bathroom window.  The entire studio has a very Zen feel.

We really enjoyed our stay at Arte + Diseno. Meg and Peter have done a great job creating a comfortable chic colonial studio in the heart of the Juarez neighborhood on Isla! 

And here's a little tip.  You're very close to a special treat! The Flan Lady's right next door.  She sets her glass case out on the plastic table in the street most evenings. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Life in the Museum

That's what we're calling it now.  Life in the museum.  We're up at 5 a.m. to begin maid service maintaining the museum and wiping away all evidence of human habitation.

Yesterday I was having a moment.  After going through this routine for three days with no showings, I decided it was useless and threw myself on the couch to nurse my sore throat/cold.  Why do this crap if no one's arriving for the museum tour?

With books, laptop, mags, kleenexes, candy wrappers, and the remains from lunch strewn about, I was dozing in a Coricidin HBP haze when the doorbell rang.  I couldn't answer because I didn't have my tooth in.  (Remember the implant story?)  Craig answered and I heard the voice of real estate.  I'm in the neighborhood with clients and can't get in touch with your realtor.  Would you mind . . . .

Oh God.  20 minutes!  20 minutes! 

Craig grabbed the vacuum and I manned the paper towels and cleaning bottles.  The doorbell rang again and it was our realtor.  She lives directly across the street and her husband had sounded the alarm.  There's a man at their door!  Do they have a showing?  She grabbed the paper towels and granite spray and told me to start turning the lights on all over the house.

Lights.  Camera.  Action!

Now it's 7:00 a.m. and we've already tidied the front wing of the house (no one lives there and we're looking to ditch about a 1000 sq. ft. with this move) and moved on to laundry.  The museum must be ready to open by 9 a.m.

Craig's become obsessed with the little yellow palo verde flowers that drop from the trees in the park behind and blow into the pool. Yesterday he was trying to determine if the Bumpuses were getting the brunt of the flower fall into their pool.  He peaked over the 6 foot wall and oh my God!  There was Mrs. Bumpus in a white bikini splayed in a lounger by the pool with those little suntanning booth goggles on trying to maximize the skin damage before she flies home on the tail end of the snowbird migration.  He came back into the house chuckling.  We had no clue she was still there!  Love those quiet neighbors.

On that note, here are some photos of other people sizzling in the sun on a warm white beach in the tropics.

Oh to be this young again!

I spy a pigeon enjoying a Dos Equis with his coconut.


On an end note, got crack?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to the Bistro

Sometimes we get distracted by all the new and forget our old favorites. 

In April, we noticed Victor's French Bistro open during the evenings, so we had to go back!  Since we're usually on the island in low season, we've missed eating dinner there for a few years.  

The front of the building looks like the Bistro has a fresh paint job!  We actually ate our first meal ever on Isla Mujeres back in 2002 at the Bistro Francais.  Then there weren't as many choices on the island for dinner.  We weren't expecting much on a tiny little laidback island in Mexico, but Victor's food surprised us!

Victor serves a number of tasty dishes.  My favorites over the years have been the shrimp kabobs, filet mignon kabobs, and portobello mushroom salad.   The Surf and Turf is also great when lobster's in season.

 I chose the shrimp kabobs that night and they didn't disappoint!  Wonderful as always!

Craig ordered the filet mignon veal in pepper sauce, which also tasted fantastic!

We didn't make it there this year in the morning,, but Victor also serves great breakfasts!   The French toast has been my favorite dish over the years.

After dinner at the French Bistro, we wandered to Medina just in time to take in the last light of another day in Paradise. 

Back to the basics!  Dinner at the Bistro Francais and a sunset stroll!