Monday, March 22, 2010

In the Jailhouse Now

I thought a jail post would be highly appropriate since I'm headed back to work today. : )

On our trip to Globe, Craig wanted to take a tour of the historic Gila County Jail. I'm not wild about touring jails (Alcatraz gave me the creeps), but I decided to throw Craig a bone since I was dragging him through antique stores. LOL

Well, we got in there and I quickly wanted out! The jail was built in 1910 and was the scene of a murder where a gunman shot a man in his cell from a courthouse window next door. They also described an inmate who had jumped to his death from the upper-story metal bridge between the courthouse and jail. And there was some graphic skinhead white supremacist graffiti on the walls of the cells that made me more than a little nervous.

The place just felt cold, clammy, and dank. Coming into the cellblock, I had noticed cameras set up all over the place, but just assumed it was for security purposes. I was taking photos of the cells and the wall graffiti when my camera just suddenly shut down. I commented that it was weird because I'd just replaced the batteries that morning. The man giving us the tour immediately said that was a fairly common event with cameras in that area of the jail. I acted puzzled, so he finally spelled it out for me. All the cameras I'd noticed were for an investigation by a paranormal group because the jail's haunted. And cameras shut down because something in that area doesn't like photos! Uhhhhhh -- yikes!

The only place I wanted to be was out of there! I was able to turn the camera back on and finish taking a few more photos, but departed fairly quickly and left Craig to complete the tour.

Downstairs, the woman at the desk commented that if I saw anything unusual in my photos, to please let them know! I haven't noticed anything, but if you spot any ghosts, point them out. LOL

Bridge between jail and courthouse.

Jail memorabilia.

The cellblock. I don't see the ghost!

Skin head graffiti.

Cell where the murder took place.

Adios! Manana. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I'll get probation or an early release. : )


Vee said...

Wow, Beck, that is spooky! Have you looked up any more info on the jail haunting? Good luck with the job!

Jane said...

Your jail description reminds me of my "sixth sense" reactions every time I've been inside Mundaca's gates. Creepy, morose, haunted. Always makes me wonder, who lived and died there?

Moongrl722 said...

I love creepy macabre places like that! We went on a nighttime tour of Alcatraz that was da bomb! I once got to stay in a haunted suite at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. My Swiss Army Knife kept ending up in the kitchen, no matter where we left it. We did sleep with our jewelry on because they told us that it often disappeared and would be found at the Catholic church next door. Coolness!!

Isla Deb said...

I agree, Beck...kinda creepy. But I was hoping to see some ghosts in your photos. Ha!

Life's a Beach! said...

Sorry no ghosts in the photos! I was expecting maybe one in that cellblock where my camera shut down.

Jana, we stayed at the Crescent in Eureka Springs back in the early 80's and I felt creepy. That must have been why. I hadn't heard that it was haunted, but it makes sense since a lot of people would have died there when it was a cancer hospital.