Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Globe Antique Road Show

I showed you my flea market finds from Saturday's trip. Here's some of the interesting stuff I didn't buy. I wish I had unlimited funds, but just looking is most of the fun!

These aluminum trays from my childhood seem to be popular now!

He's in love, he's all shook up! (Hopefully he's not in love with that clown!)

Oh my. Is THAT Grandma Weezy?

Love all the sidewalk antique displays!

White Porch Antiques

Ringy dingy. I have a friend who collects these. Too bad she wasn't here!

Another typewriter like Grandma Bowman's. I swear, when I find the old Mission library table, I'm buying one of these!

Little banana crate. I have a big one at home that we used for Michael's toy box.

Cowboy bathtub!

Cute Mission oak library table, but no drawer. And I want a drawer!

Uhhhhh. Whatever floats your boat!

This sign is SO Arizona!

These would make such pretty seaglass!

I learned to type on one like this!

Sidewalk sporting goods. I like the old shopping cart!

Should have bought the wire basket!

Weiner dogs rule!


Jamqueen said...

Lots of interesting stuff! I have a few of those aluminum trays that were my parents & I do use them! Funny--my verification word is"antics"

Isla Deb said...

I swear, Beck, you have the coolest antique stores out there. But I'll have to say that "Grandma Weezy's" sign is just wrong. I'm not even going to ask where her hand is! Haha!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, antics is so appropriate! And Deb, I think Texas also has some great antique stores from what I've heard. I'd love to get over there sometime and look around! And Grandma Wheezy? Glad she wasn't my grandma!