Sunday, July 13, 2014

Felled by P's

Where did June go?  Where did half of July go?  Prednisone, pleurisy, pertussis, plague -- I've been felled by the P's.

Shortly after landing in the U.S., I was hacked by vicious hacking.  No one knows what it is, but I have many companions.  I'm in the lucky fifth week.  Craig took two weeks to kick it, probably because he can usually kick the flu in three days.  Three rounds of antibiotics, two rounds of prednisone, various inhalers, cough medicine with codeine, breathing treatments at Urgent Care,  and I'm still whooping.  On a visit to my regular doctor on Tuesday, he noticed the telltale pain of pleurisy and ordered up another round from the pharmacy.

At a memorial service on Thursday, Craig visited with a fellow cougher.  His doctor at Urgent Care diagnosed it as possible pertussis/whooping cough/100 day cough . . . .   (I got the female doctor at Urgent Care with asthma who told me I had chronic asthma.)

So pleurisy, pertussis, or whatever the hell it is, BE GONE!  

Until then, I'm like a sleeping dog on the pavement.

Too pooped to post.

Some have suggested maybe alcohol could kill it!  Hmmmmmmmm???  (If that really worked, nobody around here would be sick.)