Friday, March 12, 2010

Ah Baloney!

Michael returned to the road on Tuesday. Before he left, he gave me these cute little polished abalone shells -- one of his souvenirs from his AT&T Pebble Beach trip. They look so nice in the bowl he refers to as the family room focal point with the broken glass and broken shells!

The shells came from this guy, a local legend/character in Carmel who goes by the name of Abalone Joe. I recognize his face from the corporate DVD where he played the role of local color. Afterwards, Michael said he gave them each a set of polished abalone shells. He collects the discarded shells from a local abalone farm in that area, then cleans and polishes them to sell.

Michael took off early Tuesday morning after hogging the laundry room for four days. He also spent his downtime getting caught up on all his paperwork (brought back memories of those late night panics where he waited until the last day to write his term paper). And he did his 2009 income tax.

Which reminds me -- I have to get all of our tax stuff put together! Oops. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree! : )


Jane said...

Good golly, abaloney legend's shorts are ... short!

Jamqueen said...

We finally gathered up all our stuuf--doing the taxes next Fri--lucky for us Alan's BIL is an accountant!

Life's a Beach! said...

Jane, in the pictures in Michael's DVD, he kind of looked like a homeless street person in winter layers. But I think that was part of the act. And those shorts are short!

Ann, I have to get ours together this weekend and mail it off to our accountant. I usually try to beat the rush, but I just got lazy this year.