Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Give Me One Reason to Stay Here . . .

Give me one reason to stay here, and I'll turn right back around . . .

Oh, if only that would work!  We boarded our flight in Cancun yesterday afternoon and it left early.  I heard the purser tell the flight attendant to find the agent and get the papers because all seats on the plane were full.  (I lucked out and scored seat 10A in the bulkhead right by the door.)

I can think of hundreds of reasons to stay on Isla, but it's hard to find reasons to go.  Feel free to add some of your own to my fictional list.

The ATM is no longer spitting out pesos because your account is low on funds.

You've fallen and can't get up to go to the beach.  

You have ants in your bed.

The island has run out of cerveza.

Your skin and hair are torched and need a break from the tropical sun.
You feel some strange overwhelming need to get home and soak your clothes in oxyclean to remove the new stains that appeared when you took your clothes to Tim Pho.

You missed the latest Survivor episode and can't wait to find out who was voted off the island.

You got voted off the island!

The reasons to stay far outweigh reasons to go, but home and Saby were calling.  When I woke up this morning, I was mentally planning the day in my head.


 Fresh fruit and fresh orange juice for breakfast.

Beach time.

One of those BBQ pulled pork sandwiches from Barlito?  Geez, I'm torturing myself!

Some shopping?

 Maybe a ride around the island in the jyp?

Some people/iguana watching while we drink our afternoon frappe's at Mogagua?


Maybe a little siesta?

One last baked shrimp at Fredy's for dinner?

Another sunset in Paradise?

But alas, I'm soaking clothes in oxyclean while Craig mows the yard, cleans the pool, and gives Saby a bath.  Ugh.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Grab Bag

We've breakfasted at Barlito, taken our morning walk, and now we're ready for a few hours at the beach.  Looks like a beautiful day for soaking in saltwater!  Before we go, I'll leave you with some miscellaneous shots from the last few days.

Pigeon enjoying a coco loco?

Speaking of coconuts, we try to stay out of the drop zone at the beach.

Blogging terrace.

Retro Bug with old school A/C.  

Must have coconuts on the brain today.

Walking the neighborhood at night.

My my senor.  That's a very large party hat!

Island time to go to the beach!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach Day!

Now that we're staying in town

I vow to spend time every day possible at the beach!

The weather here right now is mucho calor -- perhaps slightly hotter than the last time we were here in April.  So that makes the water just right!  Warm enough for me to get in and enjoy floating.

It rained a little overnight, but every day we've been here has been gloriously sunny.

We've been setting up camp back under the palms in the area at the west end of Maria del Mar, then moving east toward the Avalon Cove so Craig can snorkel.

Basket Man carries a heavy load, so he sets them down across from Buho's in the afternoon while he takes a break.

This lady never approaches since she sees no possibility of braiding my short hair.

Some people prefer loungers in the sun.  The guy from Maria del Mar rents these for 50 pesos per piece (loungers and umbrellas).

Mr Tuggui tugging his cart.  These guys work so hard, pushing these carts all the way to town from the colonias each morning before pulling them through the sand on Playa Norte.

One of the vendors with Guatemalan handicrafts.

Pareos anyone?

This guy walks a Chow in the afternoons.  That fur coat looks hot!

And speaking of dogs, Javi became a fast friend when I sat my beach chair across from the Avalon.  Or was your name Tamale?  His owner kept calling him to come in the water for a swim lesson, but I don't think he's a water dog.

Let's hope everyday until Monday's a great beach day! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Isla Rollback

Don't know why I'm all confused on days, but it seems like Monday morning.  Wish I could roll back time two days so we still had a week left on the island.

A glorious Monday sunrise.

After the Monday sunset.

Car ferry arriving in the morning.

 Car ferry rolling away at last light.

Breakfast at Amigo's.

Morning along Medina.

Watching the street from our favorite spot.

Watching King of the Hill from my favorite lounge chair.

Unidentified man snorkeling with a large rubber turtle.

 Watching the seaglass pile.

Evening dinner at Qubano.

Oh well.  It's not Walmart and there are no rollbacks, but it looks like a great day for the beach!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Signage and More

Fresh fish!

The Avalon welcoming committee.

In need of maintenance.

Haven't ever eaten here, but the name probably wouldn't be P.C. back home.

Good point to ponder!

The continental breakfast sign.

Saw this on the way home from the beach and wondered -- love to smoke ???  Later saw the Love Discoteque in El Centro.

Love the sentiment on this sign!  Imagine, dream, believe!

 This guy could be my fraternal twin.  Looks like he's also waiting on his dental implant.  ja ja ja

Bebidas anyone?  I'll have the watermelon liquada!


I would love to!

The fading Coca Cola sign.

Yes, we are on island time!

Now being posted at all seaglass beaches on the island to protect the endangered seaglass.

Three beer truck (Rhymes with two buck Chuck?).

Barlito -- one of my favorite signs.

A bad sign?  Hmmmm.  Just don't go near the seaglass beaches because that's where they live.  ja ja ja