Monday, September 28, 2015


Today I discovered a unique filter in a photo-editing program.  It's the Kaleidoscope effect.  

I simply uploaded photos taken on my last trip to Isla Mujeres in June/July and clicked.  Pretty wild!  I should make readers guess what each photo is, but I'll just spill the beans.

A beach sunset photo.

A photo of a painting.
The inner tube painted with Coco Frios that hangs on the beach across from Guadalupana.
A friend's palapa balcony.

A panga parked at the dock by Bally Hoo.

The brightly painted chapel and wall along Medina in La Gloria.

This one's a favorite!  It's the palms along Playa Norte in front of Maria del Mar where I park my beach chair.  Love!
Some people get addicted to Candy Crush.  I'm addicted to photo editing!  Some of these may end up on my living room walls.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

When the Sun Goes Down

Last night's amazing moonrise here in Arizona made me remember some of the amazing views I've witnessed at sunset on Isla Mujeres.  We weren't on the west side of the island much in the evening during our July trip, but I did manage to take a few photos when the ball sunk into the sea!

Actually, this must be a moonrise!
Mariachis looking for a sundown serenade on Playa Norte.
Watching the sunset from Playa Norte.
Frigate at sundown.  Most of the sunsets in late June/early July were very hazy.  Do they call that June gloom?
Here's the Disco Bus passing at sunset with a pink glow.  One of these days I'm going to take a sunset ride on the Disco Bus!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

To Do List

Many travelers come to Isla Mujeres with a to do list.  Me -- not so much. 

Walking round town taking photos is more my style.
 For more active types, there's beach volleyball on Medina.

Or a sail round the island.  I think this daytripper cruise probably originates in Cancun, but there are boat trips to Contoy and evening sunset cruises for people staying on Isla.

Adventurous types can try the zipline at Garrafon! 
Here's two fun activities.  A snorkeling cruise and loading the boat!  I imagine some customers are more fun to load than others, but it's definitely not a boring job.  Wink wink.
There's also fishing. The guys at the dock named every one of these fish for me, but I didn't take notes.
So many things to do, or you can just walk around taking photos of clotheslines!
I'm not always a slug.  I'm headed to the pool this morning to walk on water.  After all, it is Sunday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Search Box

Sometimes for the heck of it I browse the statistics for this blog.  Yesterday, I noticed readers had used the search box at the top for three subjects -- big butt beach, seashells with graves, and Can I go to the beach with shingles?  Hmmmmm.

Yes, once upon a time I did a post about a woman with a large derriere we'd seen walking down Medina (the equivalent of Main Street) in a skimpy thong on Isla Mujeres.  It was quite  controversial and I wish I had $5 for every click on that post!

In regards to the shingles question, I'm not a doctor, but just from our experience with shingles (they're on Craig's list of recent medical fiascos), I hope the searcher waited to go to the beach.  Ouch ouch ouch.  Craig had them on his face a few years ago and stayed in a dark room out of the sun with a supply of pain pills for a few weeks.  You have my deepest sympathy because shingles are no fun.

Seashells with graves?  That search is puzzling, but I'm wondering if someone was looking for photos of Zina Vishnevsky's gravesite?  Several friends who haven't been to the island for a few years have asked me if I had photos of her grave, so I snapped a few this trip.  For readers who never knew her, Zina was an American ex-pat blogger from Ohio who lived on Isla Mujeres for many years.  She died of complications from M.S.


Her good friend Laurence Levy, Lolo Lorena of restaurant fame, designed and decorated Zina's grave.  It's a true work of art.  What a beautiful tribute!

Maybe I should feature search box questions once a month.  You never know what topics could pop up!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Dry Dock Blues

I've got dry dock blues.  I'm dreaming palapa bars, Cuban music, scenic boats and beaches -- even mojitos (which taste like a margarita with a mint sprig when I order them here in Arizona). I've got another three months before I step foot on an island again. 

I wish Costco sold jugs of ready made Mojitos!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Flyin' the Freak Flag: Clothesline Hunt 2015

Once again, it's time for the clothesline review.  This trip, we had a little helper who came along for the ride.

First, a little biography of our clothesline hunt assistant.  Sparky, a male Mexican Lowrider, enjoys walks with Bowser, eating Tommy's food, saltwater dips, lounging on the lido deck, long rides in the golfcart, lots of petting and hugs, and just about everything else that happens any given day.  We also discovered his acute ability to sniff out clotheslines in the colonias.  That was his ticket to ride.

Slow down Craig!  We've got a grande on the right!  Please excuse the blur.  The man would not stop.
Stripes and Hawaiian prints.  Fashionista alert!
We love people who aren't afraid to just hang it out front!  Saves getting out of the cart.
Then we have the shy types who hide on a rooftop so mama needs a zoom.
More roof hangers.  It's got to be a little tricky with those wet clothes and electrical lines.
Ahhh.  More front porch types.  They make it so easy!
The Big Daddy!  Stop the cart!  These people are serious about laundry day.
Drum roll.  The grand finale!  Bleached with a touch of floral!
For more information on clothesline fetishes, click the link.  Unfortunately at this time, there is no known cure.