Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunny Day!

Now that the storm's blown through here in Arizona, Saby and I are trying to get back into our morning pattern of long walks. By the way ,I'm feeling a little guilty about my jaunt to Mill Avenue and the Bead Gallery on Tuesday. Evidently, while I was out, a heavy duty storm came through our neighborhood and poor Saby was left to cope on her own. I stepped out in the backyard yesterday and finally noticed an umbrella blown over and the patio grill laying on its side in the rocks. It must have been a whopper gust to take that grill off the patio and land it out there! A neighbor told me we actually had hail in addition to the wind, thunder,and rain while I was out.

When Saby and I were out walking this morning, I snapped a cellphone pic of these purple blooms. They remind me of the wisteria I had in Washington State, but it's actually a small Texas laurel tree.

I've decided Saby's actually a 10-year old imp. There's a poor dog with zoo syndrome a block over in a backyard with view fencing. The yard backs into a neighborhood path, so the dog can see everyone walking through what he thinks is his territory. We call the dog Marley after the movie pooch. He looks and acts the same! Anyway, poor Marley runs up and down the fenceline barking and throwing granite rocks when we pass. Saby used to hurry past not even looking in Marley's direction because she was afraid of all that power and barking. Well . . . now Saby's like a little kid saying neener neener neener. She slows down, sniffs all the landscaping next to the fence, and usually hikes her leg (what a lady!) on one of the shrubs while Marley goes nuts running up and down barking and growling. Today, after teasing Marley with all that routine, Saby just stopped at the end of the yard and walked up to the fence. She usually doesn't get that close because Marley's a force! This time, Saby crouched down in her little playful pounce position. Marley retracted the lips showing all the canines and pounced back at Saby throwing a complete nut fit. Saby just stood there smiling. I had to give her a little tug to get her moving. So Saby's certain now that Marley's safely imprisoned behind bars, so she's teasing to her heart's content. I feel sorry for Marley because its owner works, leaving the dog to defend the perimeter running up and down having a fit all day. But Marley's obviously a dog you wouldn't leave alone in the house. LOL

In another week, we'll be taking our walks at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m., so Saby and I better get out and enjoy the sun!


Moongrl722 said...

I just love Saby. Beauty AND attitude. Plus she's extremely photogenic and spoiled. Saby rocks!

Sue said...

Just want to say that I've been reading, just not commenting. But we're finally slowing down, so I hope to do a better job of letting people know I enjoy their blog. Thanks!

Life's a Beach! said...

Jana, Saby definitely has attitude. I'm thinking about bringing her to the big SGH Smackdown in July so she can guard my claim. HA!

And Sue, I'm glad you've been busy with guests! I saw some photos Tony posted yesterday and I was shocked by the lack of people on the beaches and streets in town. We'll have to get together in July so you and Miguel can meet Craig.