Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So Tropical

Some photos just scream the tropics!  Swaying palms, a white sand beach and aqua water, coconuts, a cold mojito, a palapa bar or dock restaurant -- you get the picture.  Here's a small collection from our winter trip.

I ordered a mojito a few weeks ago at the local Keg and it tasted like a margarita with mulled mint. My dinner companion said you can't get a decent mojito in Arizona.  I think she's right!  I started my own pot of mint on the patio last week.  I'll keep you posted on my first mojito attempt!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Village People, Part Dos

My favorite amusement on Isla Mujeres is people watching.  Here's another round of Village People photos.

These stroller/cars are the rage down there.  Everyday, we'd see this little boy out and about in his Mini on Juarez.  The hat is too cute!

Speedy cake delivery.  Yum!

Taxi drivers waiting for a fare.

Stylin' down Hidalgo on rollerblades.

Winter visitors hanging out at La Tablita (once upon a time Hemingway's) Cantina. We don't usually visit in high season, so I'd never witnessed the afternoon crowd on the porch.

This winter regular was wearing a modified hat this year.  I'm used to seeing his head draped in furs.

This guy delivers on his bike, but I'm not sure what.  Pescado?

Daytrippers have amazing powers to remain upright on boats and docks in these shoes.

The Tuggui man has one of the hardest jobs on the island.  Not only does he pull that heavy cart through sand, he also pushes it to town from the colonias everyday.

Traditionally dressed woman.

Noon rush hour on the street by Poc Na.  How things change!

This vendor was resting with his heavy load of framed prints.  Cows???

Monday, April 13, 2015

Isla's Furry Friends

Our furry friends own a piece of our hearts, and there are so many furry friends to love on Isla Mujeres.

Vivian's cat (she feeds her) at Qubano loves this particular table.  If she has to relinquish her seat for customers, she curls around the legs of the chair.  Pretty kitty!

This cat has found a sweet spot for a game of I spy.  Or maybe she's just showing off for my camera.

Come on!  Let's go for a ride!  Frenchie evidently loves wind in his ears.

Peluche loves to stick his head through the star at his home on the malecon when people pass. 

This is Cuba, Vivian's famous talking dog.  You can view Cuba's line of videos on the Qubano Facebook page. He's a sweetie!  

The cute little chihuahua resides at the book/magazine store on Juarez just south of Mogagua.

These little dogs love to hang in their courtyard out in the colonias.

January is winter on Isla Mujeres, so this fella's sporting a t-shirt on the stoop.

And then there's Toby.  A friend told me everytime he goes to the gym on Isla, he comes back and there's a dog in his cart. We were at El Varadero (next to the gym) with friends one afternoon and sure enough, we came out to a dog in the cart.  Toby's a pussycat, but he could not be persuaded to move.  Someone from the restaurant came out to assist.  She said, "That's Toby!"  Golfcart = sofa.

This is one of my favorite Isla dog photos from a few years ago.  A friend titled it Waiting for Godot. He's the strong silent type.

My favorite dog's in the sidebar of this blog.  That's Saby.  She was quite the character and it's almost two years since her death.  Not sure I'll ever get over her!

She loved to snooze behind the oleanders.

And never turned down a ride in the car and a family vacation.

She hated the pool, but loved a good photo op!  Does this suit make my back look hairy?

Saby -- in our hearts forever.