Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where's the Beach?

I've been away from Isla and the beach for too long! Since November? Yesterday, I changed my header to a photo of Playa Norte in 2004 edited in cinemascope. So what the heck! I decided to put some more of those 2004 Isla trip photos through the same process.

On the ferry to Paradise in May 2004!

Caribbean Queen pre-Aluxes. That beach just doesn't look the same now with all those palapas.


Sidetrip to Tulum. I was barely walking that day after dining on shrimp tacos for lunch at La Tarraya in PDC the day before. Only bad case of food poisoning I've had in Mexico. Note to self: If banos are filthy, don't eat there!

Garrafon Zipline

Craig lunching at Playa Lancheros.

Playa Norte 2004 -- look at that expanse of sand!

Entrance to Paradise

Pelicans on the old Garrafon Hotel dock.

I can't wait to get back to Isla in late June. My seat's booked, but I'm still watching for those summer fare wars to buy Craig's ticket. Right now tickets are double what they have been in the past -- $600 and up! I've booked lodging for a week (you'll have to wait until I've moved for that report since I try to keep my location on the down low), but think I may just wing it for the rest of the trip unless I see some good rates. (I always say that, chicken out, and book in advance.)


Isla Deb said...

Great photos, Beck! I can relate to the food poisoning thing. I felt great the whole week I was in PM, but got a stomach bug after I got back. Don't know if it was a residual effect from Mexico or something I caught on the plane ride back. Yuck. :-(

Life's a Beach! said...

Deb, I have a friend who got back from Isla a month ago and her whole group got stomach flu when they were leaving. They thought it was food poisoning, but then other family members started getting it back home. So there's some bug going around.