Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where in the World?

Sometimes when I look at my son's Facebook, I feel like he's Waldo on tour. Remember those Where in the World is Waldo? books? This kid is having way too much fun with his work. Too bad all of us can't find that kind of happiness in our jobs! He really seems to have found his niche in life!

I guess I should explain. He works for Ecco Golf (shoes) touring the country putting on promotional events at stores, golf courses, and golf tournaments. I stole some of his photos off his Facebook page of his roadtrip since he left here in early February.

Golf in Florida with a friend!

Pacific Dunes in Oregon

Michael in Bandon, Oregon. He loves beaches too! They just have to be adjacent to a world class golf course! His stance in this photo reminds me of the Gorton's fisherman. HA!

Michael at Bill Murray's Caddyshack tournament in Florida. Michael says he's a great guy!

Birds at Bandon Beach

My dad was an avid golfer and taught Michael to golf at a really young age. He was letting Michael play at his country club by the time Michael was in kindergarten. So he would be absolutely thrilled that Michael's found a way to do what he loves while he's earning a living.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beads and Baubles

A few weeks ago, I got an email notice that Beads Galore was having one of their big sales. I needed a few items, so I decided to head on down and do some browsing. The place was packed! I noticed an entire wall of trade beads that were absolutely stunning! I wish I'd had my camera with me, but I did get a few blurry shots with the cellphone.

These are Masai beads. A woman kept asking me what Masai beads are, and I kept telling her the Masai are a tribe in Africa. Then I heard her asking a sales clerk and she got the same response. The colors just blew me away. I found some small turquoise colored beads that I decided would be about the right size for a beaded safety pin watchband.

Once I get started on a little project, I'm like a rat terrier with a bone. These are so easy to make! I also used some smaller ethnic looking seed beads that blended with the turquoise color.

After threading the beads onto safety pins, I simply take a set of small pliers and crimp the fastener so the safety pins won't spring open and cause a bead explosion.

Then I thread stretchy jewelry cord (1 mm) through the holes on both ends of the safety pins, alternating tops and bottoms of the pins. I found the large watch faces at Steinmart and cut off the cheap vinyl watchbands.

Here's the finished project! I love how this one turned out!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Story Hour

I have to tell you, I'm enjoying this new project at work way too much! My current situation has to be some sort of karma/payback for the fact that I worked my a$$ off last year on a mind-numbing project. I heard a newbie complaining Friday that she was bored. I almost told her to step through Door #2 behind us where all my peers from last year are still slaving away on the same old same old.

After catching up on household chores Saturday morning, I headed to the library to try and find a stack of books for work. Now does THAT sound bizarre? I can't really tell you why, but I'll just say that we are gifted with a few periods of downtime everyday where we can sit quietly and read. And when we are working, the project is varied and interesting.

I have some new bestsellers in my hold queue, but I needed something I could read now until those come in. And I finished an entire novel last week! I searched the library stacks and came home with a good selection of books.

I started reading Say You're One of Them last night and look forward to making great progress on it this next week! : )

P.S. Getting paid for this seems criminal? HA! Unfortunately, it's not a long-term project, so if anyone can refer me to someone else who will pay me to sit and read, let me know!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everything's Hunky Dory!

Just a little video for today. I missed this on Saturday Night Live.

I've been brain dead and zonked out on the couch most nights by 8:30 p.m. this week. I'm happy to report that this project I'm on is like night and day from last year's experience. The tasks are varied almost daily, whereas last year each project was the same for the duration. And I'm in a small group where everyone is extremely polite and respectful, especially the project heads. I doubt there'll be any burnout! So I lucked out on this one and I'm a happy camper!

I'm not trying to be mysterious about it, but the confidentiality agreement we all had to sign had the word felony in it. So my lips are sealed!!! (No desire to become a prison babe -- tee hee.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roadside Shrine

On our way home from Globe, Arizona, we once again stopped at the roadside shrine just west of Miami. I've been fascinated by altars/shrines since our first trip to Mexico, and I was really surprised by this one when we discovered it last year on a weekend trip. It's almost always busy with people lighting candles and saying prayers for loved ones. On Saturday, I waited while two groups of people paid their respects with flowers and candles. When I got home, I decided to google the Miami roadside shrine to see if there was a story behind it. And yes, there is! Click that link!

What a wonderful story! I love the roadside shrines -- the candles, photos, and ritual. It all seems so exotic compared to my Midwest Baptist upbringing.

Which reminds me, I'd love to return to Isla in early December. On my December 2005 trip, it seemed like there was a procession almost everyday for a week. There was the Virgin of Guadalupe celebration, the procession with the Virgin of Isla from the church through the streets onto a boat flotilla, the families and their first communion girls walking in mass down Juarez, the boys parading in their traditional dress the next day -- it was fascinating to watch.

The wheels are turning. I must be going nuts! I haven't even finished booking our July trip!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Trip to Joe's

Craig and I made a trip to Joe's Farm Grill last night for a treat to celebrate a good first day at work for me! The weather was just beautiful, sunny and 80 degrees, with lots of families eating outside on the patio and at the picnic tables under the trees. While we were waiting in line, I decided to try something different. The BBQ pork sandwich and slaw. Craig had his usual, the Farm Burger and fries.

Both were great! Lately, Joe's has been crowded due to the fact that they've been featured on the Food Channel once again. I actually tried to stop by for a mid-afternoon meal last week when Craig was in Philidelphia, but the line was out the door and extended to the parking lot. I was flabberghasted, but maybe it was a special event? I just drove right on out of the parking lot because I'm too impatient to wait in that kind of line! Tonight wasn't quite as bad, but it was a pretty good crowd for 5:30 p.m. on a Monday night.

This video on YouTube is a clip from the show that's been rerunning on the Food Channel. I watched it tonight and it makes me want to run back out there and order the BBQ Chicken Pizza. Or the Ahi Sandwich or Salad! Anyway, take a look at this video! This is what I'm talkin' about!

Monday, March 22, 2010

In the Jailhouse Now

I thought a jail post would be highly appropriate since I'm headed back to work today. : )

On our trip to Globe, Craig wanted to take a tour of the historic Gila County Jail. I'm not wild about touring jails (Alcatraz gave me the creeps), but I decided to throw Craig a bone since I was dragging him through antique stores. LOL

Well, we got in there and I quickly wanted out! The jail was built in 1910 and was the scene of a murder where a gunman shot a man in his cell from a courthouse window next door. They also described an inmate who had jumped to his death from the upper-story metal bridge between the courthouse and jail. And there was some graphic skinhead white supremacist graffiti on the walls of the cells that made me more than a little nervous.

The place just felt cold, clammy, and dank. Coming into the cellblock, I had noticed cameras set up all over the place, but just assumed it was for security purposes. I was taking photos of the cells and the wall graffiti when my camera just suddenly shut down. I commented that it was weird because I'd just replaced the batteries that morning. The man giving us the tour immediately said that was a fairly common event with cameras in that area of the jail. I acted puzzled, so he finally spelled it out for me. All the cameras I'd noticed were for an investigation by a paranormal group because the jail's haunted. And cameras shut down because something in that area doesn't like photos! Uhhhhhh -- yikes!

The only place I wanted to be was out of there! I was able to turn the camera back on and finish taking a few more photos, but departed fairly quickly and left Craig to complete the tour.

Downstairs, the woman at the desk commented that if I saw anything unusual in my photos, to please let them know! I haven't noticed anything, but if you spot any ghosts, point them out. LOL

Bridge between jail and courthouse.

Jail memorabilia.

The cellblock. I don't see the ghost!

Skin head graffiti.

Cell where the murder took place.

Adios! Manana. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I'll get probation or an early release. : )

Friday, March 19, 2010

March in the Desert

Our weather this week has been fantastic with blue skies and 80 degree temps. I've been spending my week out and about, taking Saby for morning walks, and hopping on the bike for morning rides in the regional park down the road. The park's trails loop around past marshy lakes where visitors can observe the wildlife and plants. Arizona wildflowers are in bloom right now and just gorgeous.

Saby's also loving the good weather! The ice cream truck is back in the neighborhood. It's a large brightly painted van with psychedelic blinking lights that plays Don't Worry, Be Happy. Saby was so happy to see it last night, she took off running down the middle of the street after it! Fortunately, I had her on a long leash. I'm not sure what she thought it was, but it was funny!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Globe Antique Road Show

I showed you my flea market finds from Saturday's trip. Here's some of the interesting stuff I didn't buy. I wish I had unlimited funds, but just looking is most of the fun!

These aluminum trays from my childhood seem to be popular now!

He's in love, he's all shook up! (Hopefully he's not in love with that clown!)

Oh my. Is THAT Grandma Weezy?

Love all the sidewalk antique displays!

White Porch Antiques

Ringy dingy. I have a friend who collects these. Too bad she wasn't here!

Another typewriter like Grandma Bowman's. I swear, when I find the old Mission library table, I'm buying one of these!

Little banana crate. I have a big one at home that we used for Michael's toy box.

Cowboy bathtub!

Cute Mission oak library table, but no drawer. And I want a drawer!

Uhhhhh. Whatever floats your boat!

This sign is SO Arizona!

These would make such pretty seaglass!

I learned to type on one like this!

Sidewalk sporting goods. I like the old shopping cart!

Should have bought the wire basket!

Weiner dogs rule!