Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Saturday Shots

Saby had a wonderful trip yesterday, and so did we! I took lots of photos, but I'll just post a few since I need to get busy with some Sunday chores around here.

The Miami/Globe area in the high desert mountains above Phoenix was our destination. It's a poor copper mining area that's trying to make a resurgence as a tourist/antique/art destination. And if Saturday was any indication, they're succeeding. The town was fairly hopping with groups of bikers on tour, people roaming the antique stores, and tourists and locals walking the downtown areas. In Globe, artists and a few flea market tables were set up on the sidewalk by the courthouse. I snagged a really cute old tin spice rack for $5 from a local selling antiques. Score!

Here's a teaser preview of our Saturday!

Arizona style planter.

Old advertising on buildings.

A little hint as to how I enjoyed my day!

Saby got tricked! Either her eyes are failing, or the artist was just that good! She charged these kitties!

Fancy cactus stand.

A road trip's not complete without lunch at La Casita!

Beef tamale, chicken enchilada, and chicken taco. The tamale and enchilada were really good, but not so much the taco. The whole plate was $5.00, so what the heck!

Saby and Craig hanging out on the mean streets of Miami.

Cherry blossoms and blue Arizona skies!

Old Miami building.

Cool old tepee!

Amazing architectural details!

Too bad the Mexican bakery was closed!

Nothing like a car ride to keep Saby girl happy!


Jamqueen said...

What a fun day! Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Chrissy y Keith said...

we manage to get up there on our motorcycles about one a year. It really is making a comeback.