Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roadside Shrine

On our way home from Globe, Arizona, we once again stopped at the roadside shrine just west of Miami. I've been fascinated by altars/shrines since our first trip to Mexico, and I was really surprised by this one when we discovered it last year on a weekend trip. It's almost always busy with people lighting candles and saying prayers for loved ones. On Saturday, I waited while two groups of people paid their respects with flowers and candles. When I got home, I decided to google the Miami roadside shrine to see if there was a story behind it. And yes, there is! Click that link!

What a wonderful story! I love the roadside shrines -- the candles, photos, and ritual. It all seems so exotic compared to my Midwest Baptist upbringing.

Which reminds me, I'd love to return to Isla in early December. On my December 2005 trip, it seemed like there was a procession almost everyday for a week. There was the Virgin of Guadalupe celebration, the procession with the Virgin of Isla from the church through the streets onto a boat flotilla, the families and their first communion girls walking in mass down Juarez, the boys parading in their traditional dress the next day -- it was fascinating to watch.

The wheels are turning. I must be going nuts! I haven't even finished booking our July trip!


Vee said...

How interesting! Thanks for sharing that, Beck.

jeanie said...

Thanks Beck! I love the shrine and that great story put it over the top!

Jamqueen said...

what an intersting story! I hope to visit Isla sometime other than Jan. in the near future...but we already booked our room for Jan-Feb 2011! Seems like there are lots of parades & festivals to see.

Moongrl722 said...

That's so cool! My niche in the entry hallway is starting to look like that with candles and sea glass! I like it.