Saturday, October 31, 2009

Moving Day!

This morning, we're moving to a new home for the next week. It makes me very sad because it's so dang hard to leave someplace this beautiful! I wonder what it will feel like to come down out of the clouds to sea level! Several have asked where we were staying and I'll tell you now -- Ixchel II in 709! Mark and Donna's beautiful condo! Talk about a place that rocks! It truly is heaven! Here are a few snapshots.

Dining/Living Room Area

The most comfortable bed I've ever slept on in Mexico!

View out the living room window to the east.

View from bedroom onto the wrap around veranda. The outdoor living space alone is larger than any room we've had on Isla!

View from the breakfast table to the east!

Straight on views over Playa Norte!

Playa Norte below.

Ixchel pool.

Fabulous 360 degree views of the island, including sunrise views over the town to the south, and sunset views to the west.

Craig and I agree that Ixchel 709 is truly the most fantastic place we've ever stayed! The views have to be the absolute best on the island! If you're looking for that special place, this is it! Thanks Mark and Donna for a wonderful stay!

In addition to it being moving day, we're renting a golf cart this morning and heading out island. Hopefully, we'll do some snorkeling at Garrafon and maybe lunch at Zama's. I'm anxious to see how the island has changed.

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

We vowed to get up earlier for our morning walk and treasure hunt on Thursday because it's almost too hot and humid for us by 8 a.m. We woke up early to the sounds of a thundering downpour, but it passed quickly. I was too lazy this morning to get dressed and take a photo off the back of the building to the east, but here's the sunrise reflected in the clouds to the north.

We were out of the building and headed down Medina by 7 a.m. Craig posed with the nude lady at the behemoth's beach restaurant. The sculpture is so Mayan, isn't it? I guess it was too early for her to be holding the ball.

Everything looks fresh after the latest squall!

About halfway down Medina, my camera started having a tropical tantrum. When I try to use the zoom, it zooms all the way out and then shuts down. And sometimes, when I turn the camera on, it immediately zooms out and shuts off. Dang it!!! If only I'd brought a backup. I'd already replaced the batteries yesterday, but I tried that again. I managed to get it to work intermittently by removing the batteries, wiping the connections, and putting them back in. I'm fairly certain it has to do with the high humidity, but I can't have a camera that won't take photos on Isla! I think the camera will be returned when I get home!

Craig pointed out that there's something inherently wrong with this compass marker in the sidewalk. The north symbol is pointing towards the west?

We headed past the Navy base and turned onto the malecon. This must be the dog that likes treats, but I had no idea he stuck his head through the star to get them!

I've been so sore and I can't figure out why. It hit me when I took this photo of Craig. Duhhhh! I've been squatting, bending down, looking down, doing lunges, etc.... But it's been worth it. Look at this morning's bootie. I was so excited to find so many different colors, including all the blues and a lavendar piece!

At this rate, I'm going to need volunteers to help me transport it home!

After spending some time in the condo with me trying to troubleshoot my camera problems online, I was able to take this photo of the umbrellas at the Sunset Grill.

We then headed down to the Avalon cove to try some snorkeling. I never donned my mask, but Craig said he saw some yellow striped fish by the rocks on the Avalon side, but it was rough getting over there. We spent another hour in front of Ixchel swimming and snorkeling, then checked out the Sunset Grill's prices for lunch. Their special is 15% off their regular prices, but I thought the regular prices were a little high! 150 pesos for shrimp tacos? Mocambo's shrimp tacos are 55 pesos and they are great! So we headed down to Picus for lunch where 3 seafood tacos are 50 pesos. We had a great time watching the fishermen bring in their catch and fold up the nets.

I tried to talk Craig into sticking his head into the menu board at Poc Chuc, but he wouldn't go for it!

Picus served complimentary fish soup when we sat down. No offense, but I don't like any form of fish or seafood in soup, so I let Craig have both little bowls.

I ordered a shrimp cocktail and it was very good!

Craig scarfed down his seafood tacos so fast, I could only photograph the plate with one left.

Down the street, we saw Ricardo at Mocambo's and apologized for not eating there three days in a row. But we'll be back! We headed on to the Navy base to pick up some Halloween candy and a large bottle of tequila for Michael. They had the big blue bottle of Corralejo that he likes for less than 190 pesos. That's a deal!

Back at the room, we relaxed for an hour and then watched the sunset. Another day in paradise!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playa Norte Webcam

You know how some people on message boards are always clamoring for the installation of a webcam on Isla? Well here I am -- the new webcam. I've been taking my job seriously, trying to make sure I don't miss anything!

Car ferry passing early morning!

Looking west Wednesday morning, the vendors have all the chairs lined up!

Snorkeling boat stuck on Playa Norte Tuesday mid-day. Paco (orange shorts/yellow shirt) and friends try to dislodge it. I particularly liked watching this one because he used to harass me endlessly on Hidalgo. (I hold a grudge -- ha!)

Sunset Tuesday night, Playa Norte.

Sunset Grill, open for business!

All the beach concessions in front of Ixchel ready to go!

Look closely! Actual Tarzan sighting! Cue the Tarzan yell!

Number of daytrippers increasing!

Beach party with couple dancing to mariachis Wednesday evening.

Looking back down Hidalgo at sunset on Wednesday.

Sunset Wednesday evening.

Wednesday shortly after sunset, Craig yelled at me from the balcony to come out and look. He thought there was a fire down in the area behind Nautibeach. Notice the smoke. We suddenly realized they were fumigating on a large scale basis. LOL Probably DDT! We got inside quickly.

Just call me Mrs. Kravitz -- your eye in the sky! : )

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bringing in the Bootie

Aaargh aargh. I got me mate to help do the dirty work on Tuesday morning's walk and bring in the treasures from the sea. Actually, I told him he was my seaglass beee-aaatch, but he didn't think that was very funny after the second time I said it.

We got in about 20 minutes of hunting before the deluge came. We ran to one of those white gazebos on the new malecon and waited out the storm there.

The rain let up and we headed back into town, but not before I noticed someone else's bounty from the sea!

Since we forgot to pack our hip-waders, we decided to walk down Juarez where there are curbs to keep us high and dry.

We soon realized we needed to make another trip to the mercado for our morning juice, so we cut back to Guerrero.

No need to keep using those Emergency C packets with all the fresh squeezed juices on Isla! Ten pesos a bottle!

By the time we got back to the room, the air was fresh and clean and the clouds had parted. So we sat down to breakfast on the balcony once again with fresh papaya, watermelon, bananas, and Bimbo from the mercado.

Soon after breakfast, another squall moved in. We quickly moved inside, and that gave me the time to examine the day's take. I can't believe how much we picked up in such a short period of time. Some really cool pieces of seaglass!

Craig and I both seized the rain delay to use the internet. Soon, the rain passed and we changed into our swimsuits to get some Playa Norte beach time. The water felt great today. A little choppy, but that didn't keep me from taking a few laps in the water. After a few hours on the beach, we decided to head back to the condo to clean up. Then the plan was down Medina to one of the waterfront restaurants for some fresh seafood.

We hadn't eaten at Mocambo since it was just Lancheros. It was nice and cool under the palapa. There's no better way to spend a hot afternoon than under a cool palapa watching the boats and activity down at the docks! I also get some kind of sick enjoyment out of watching daytrippers if they're being obnoxious. The couple next to us had a huge plate of ceviche in addition to each having a large entree plate and multiple drinks. Livin' large! But then the guy almost got himself into a fight with a necklace vendor who was understandably a little aggressive since he's probably desperate to earn some money right now. All it took from me was a polite 'no gracias,' but Mr. Potato Head had to make smart ass remarks to him about the quality of his jewelry, taking it outside the restaurant, etc...

We both ordered the catch of the day -- red snapper. I had mine breaded and Craig chose the garlic. They were both WONDERFUL! And that tartar sauce I swear is the best I've ever had. We both agreed we'd be making a return trip to Mocambo!

After visiting Ricardo at his new Fire Opal location, we headed over to the supermercado to stock up on snacks. A couple of items reminded me that Halloween's approaching quickly!

After loading up and checking out, we found ourselves in a crowd at the front door waiting for the latest squall to let up. I think you'd definitely call this a rain day, but we were able to work in a seaglass hunt, time at the beach, and lunch at the docks in between squalls! No problem! : )

For dinner, we walked back down Hidalgo and settled in at Viva Cuba Libre. Craig ordered the Cuban sandwich and I had the Green Salad. Both were huge and wonderful. I forgot my camera, so no photos, but we'll probably be splitting the other half of the Cuban for breakfast tomorrow. After our nightly stroll down Medina overlooking the water, we were in for the night!