Saturday, August 29, 2015

Random Five

I was cleaning out my backpack last weekend and pulled out my extra camera.  I decided to check for photos before I put it away.  Found some!  These random five photos were taken in El Centro the morning before we left on the ferry in July.

I wish there'd been more laundry on the clothesline at the small tienda across from the elementary school that morning!

Moto parked on the sidewalk on Juarez.

It's Christmas in July!

I can't say I've ever been in Kokonuts on Hidalgo.  I actually thought it closed long ago until I looked up that morning. 

Quiet day at Cockteleria Justicia, and a quiet day here on my sofa.  Have a fun last weekend in August!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beachin' It Northwest Style

When a friend heard we were going to Whistler in August, she had to comment.  You DO know you can't ski there this time of year! 

Oh geez, whatever shall we do?  Let me see.  Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, ziplining, riding the gondola, dining, shopping, fishing, and even the beach!

Lost Lake's one of the main beach venues in Whistler. This palapa umbrella gives it a tiny tropical touch.  Close your eyes and dream you're -- chilling on a cold Canadian beach?

I didn't even stick my big toe into Lost Lake.  The water's fairly frigid, but I guess that's why Canadians can hop right into 70 degree water down in the tropics in the winter without blinking an eye.)

We've always heard there was a nude beach on Lost Lake.  After I took this photo of the dock around the corner from the main beach, Craig told me there were nudies.  Ha!  Finally found it!

Besides sunbathing and polar dipping, people also paddle canoes and kayak on the many lakes in the area.

Kayaks lined up at the dock on Alta Lake.

Lily pads on Alta Lake in Whistler.

More beautiful flowers at the lake.

Oh Canada!  Gotta love it when the temps in Arizona are way over 100!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Culturally Confused!

It's been a whirlwind summer and we're culturally confused.  After talking to a friend's daughter on a visit to our former home in Washington State a few weeks ago, I realize other people may be flummoxed!  Do you live in Mexico on that island?  You don't?  But every time I look at your Facebook, you're in Mexico!

So here's the 411 for anyone else who may be confused reading my blog.  We live in the Desert Southwest north of Tucson, Arizona, but we have a serious case of ants in our pants.  Actually, my husband would say I have the case of ants in pants because he's perfectly content to stay at home and play pickleball and golf.

This summer we played catch up.  In June/July, we had a lovely stay on Isla Mujeres pet/house sitting for a famous Canadian cat who immigrated to Mexico from Canada and now lives with his cute little Mexican lowrider dog-brother in a beautiful beach house on the Caribbean.  

After returning to Arizona in mid-July, we spent a few weeks at home before flying to Washington State on a reunion trip.  We lived there for twenty years and hadn't been back in the ten years since we moved. 

The day after arriving, we crossed the border into Canada and drove to Whistler, B.C. to commune with the mountains, lakes, and waterfalls.  Ahhhh.  It was very relaxing with the exception of the Canadian toddler tumbling team that practiced in the condo above us.

Note to self.  Always book top floor.

After five wonderful days in Canada of hiking, touring, and eating, we returned to the U.S. and drove to the Washington shore to spend the weekend with our son and his fiancee.  I managed to work in another beach fix!

The next week was a whirlwind of visiting old friends and places with the grand finale of a dinner party with the host dressed in Bavarian lederhosen.  (When he bought the lederhosen, his wife complained, "You'll never wear those damn things.")  So now he wears those pants at parties they throw for close friends and declares the number after a few drinks.  NUMBER 6!  We figure he only has to wear the outfit at 144 more parties to make them equivalent to a cheap rental.

We're home now!  But I'll be posting more confusing batches of postcards from my various summer travels!

Hasta manana!  (You do know manana doesn't necessarily mean tomorrow!)

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Different Beach

It's not the white sand and warm waters of the turquoise blue Caribe.

It's a different beach with tall pale green grass on sand dunes between the water and condo.  Clouds hang at the coast where the cool temps off the Pacific Ocean meet the warm summer air of land. 

When we lived in Washington State, we rarely visited the seacoast because we craved warmer temps and turquoise water in Mexico.  Now that we live in the Desert Southwest with baking summer heat, there's an attraction to the cool temps and foggy shores of the Northwest!  We spent a short weekend earlier this month at a beautiful condo overlooking this scene. 

One morning we walked the docks of the marina in nearby Westport, WA.  I love these colorful floats!  I might have to print and frame this photo.

Fishermen use these crab pots stacked on the dock to collect Dungeness crabs.  The photo makes me crave another Crab Louie. 

Boats in the harbor at Westport.

I got a quick Zen fix relaxing to the sound of crashing  ocean waves for a couple of days.

Too bad the sun had to set on our weekend at the Washington shore.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Slow Day at the Conch Stand

I've been rather tardy on the blog, but we've been on vacation.  We took the grand tour from Seattle to Whistler, British Columbia to the Washington shore and many places in between.  We're home now and I'm tuckered out like this little chihuahua on a hot July afternoon in Guadalupana!

I'm resting up from my vacation.  I'll be back shortly!