Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What to Do on a Norte Day?

What do you do on a Norte day when the cool wind and waves are a bit much for lounging at the beach?  Our day turned into one long progressive meal. 

After cabbing into town, we headed to the market for some Huevos Mexicana.

The market's very close to some good sea glass hunting, so our next stop was down below the malecon.

Strolling back through town, I noticed Mogogua and decided a Carmel Frappe sounded wonderful.

 It's situated on a great corner for people-watching!

 After some window shopping, we ran into friends at Qubano and decided to stay for the Cobb Salad.

YUM!  As always, Vivian's food was outstanding!

After stopping at the Navy Store, we decided all that food called for some exercise.  Walking out Medina towards the colonias, we noticed some boats were beginning to get swamped.  The wind and waves were pretty rough yesterday!

Later, we watched the sunset from the rooftop.

Back in the room, we got a little surprise at our bedroom window.  Hello Kitty!

The wind's died down considerably today, but it still doesn't look like a beach day.  After a stroll and lunch in town, we plan on meeting friends at the Plaza del Toros (south of Villa la Bella on the Caribe side road) to see those bullfighters of small stature!  Can't wait!


Ann said...

My kind of day! Love all those places---nice to see the mini sampler on Qubano's menu--have to try that --love all that's included.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, we've been doing one big progressive meal around the island this week. Great food!

CurlSnout said...

Great pics...