Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Norte Day

 Okay, not to complain, but enough is enough!  Norte go away!  Tuesday was another no beach day, but we still managed to wedge in a full day of fun.  Here are some Tuesday highlights!

How cold is it, you ask?  Pitbulls in La Gloria are wearing t-shirts!


We walked all the way into town for lunch today.  Somewhere out there, we passed Bronco's infamous piano bar.  I had to snap a photo!

Not sure what Craig's trying to tell us, but maybe they were out of tequila?

Bug vs. trike.

We decided to try Cafe Hidalgo for lunch.  Oh my!  The baguette and crepes were wonderful!

Ham and cheese crepe!

While waiting for a cab in La Gloria to take us to the big show, a man on a horse flew by!

I'll do an entire post on the Tuesday dwarf bullfight, but here's a little teaser.  Let's just say it was quite the experience.  All that beer and no banos!  Only in Mexico!


drgeo said...

I notice Craig was not trying to kiss the pit bull wearing the tshirt. Probably because he was out of tequila again.

Life's a Beach! said...

The pitbull could really use a designer t-shirt! Craig's fairly picky about which dogs he kisses. HA!

drgeo said...

Gallantry prevents my reply.