Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Todo Bien!

It was a beautiful first day on Isla! 

After waiting in the longest immigration and customs lines I've seen at Cancun airport, we finally arrived on Isla and quickly settled in.  Once we landed on the S.S. Ultramar, life was todo bien!  This morning after walking the long loop around Punta Sur and eating lunch at Bally Hoo with a friend, Craig and I threw down towels on Playa Norte in front of Maria del Mar in mid-afternoon.

The water was fantastic!  Much warmer than I expected in mid-November.

After a lengthy float in the pale turquoise water, I laid back to admire the view.  Don't you love this rustic wooden sailboat!

Hope tomorrow's another glorious beach day!


Ann said...

Keep those beautiful photos coming! Great as usual, can't wait til we get back down there.

jeanie said...

We will meet you at that same beach spot in 2 weeks. I like hanging out where the closest place to get a drink and the closest bano is my own room.

drgeo said...

Speedy Iguana-- wasn't he a cartoon character in olden days?

krisla said...

I love that boat also, & remember seeing it & photographing it in October. Water was also super nice at that time. Looks like all is well! k