Monday, November 7, 2011

Senor Hermit Crab

A post this last week on Notes from Paradise explained all about hermit crabs. I had no idea! By the way, if you haven't bookmarked this blog, you need to! Lynda's blog is listed on my sidebar, or you can click on this link:

The post made me wonder if a video I took in June of a hermit crab on the pool ledge at Luna Turquesa had anything to do with Lynda's Crab-i-tat? Maybe Senor Hermit Crab was newly outfitted, or maybe he needed to drag that torpedo he's trailing over there and trade up!

Way back in May 2008, I noticed this cute little sign at the house next door to Luna Turquesa. At the time, I had no idea who lived there, but now I know!

Here's the video of Senor Hermit Crab! I promise no hermit crabs were injured during the filming of this video!


Ann said...

I read her blog earlier today--lots of info!

went coastal said...

Whoa...that was some heavy drama as s/he charged toward the edge! Looks like s/he has some growing room...that is a small crab for the size of that shell. The 'used shell lot' started as a joke by a guest in 07 & Lynda kept it up since then. The Homeless Crab project, grin. It is very popular with The Hermits...and interesting.

Life's a Beach! said...

He looks like he's really pulling a heavy load with that long shell. Ha!