Friday, November 4, 2011

The Mile High Club

Okay, that title's a little misleading, but we'll see how many hits this post gets!  As always, one of the highlights of our road trip to the Sedona area was the food.  We found the coolest place to eat in Jerome, Arizona on our trip.   The Mile High Club!

The Mile High Club, located in an historic building in downtown Jerome, features a retro airline theme. 

Craig and I both ordered the Fried Chicken Cobb Salads with chipotle ranch dressing.  The photo doesn't really do it justice!  Yum!

I looked at this fan a few times before realizing it'd been built to mimick the front of an old prop plane jutting out of the ceiling!

The Javelina Cantina in Sedona is another long-time favorite of ours.  We're guilty of eating there at least two meals every trip.   After ordering an amazing taco salad one day for lunch, we returned the following evening for the special -- the smoked chicken verde enchiladas topped with chipotle crema.  We both only managed to finish half the entree, but it was amazing! 

The food at the Javelina Cantina is always great, and the view from the dining area is equally amazing!

  Okay, I'm definitely hungry now!  Wonder what Craig's fixing me for lunch?  (Nada.)


Anonymous said...

Oh man - those enchiladas look AMAZING!!! Yummm!


Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanne, I wish I could order up a plate for tonight!

Linda said...

Wonder how many "Mile High Club" members have been initiated in THEIR bathrooms? =:-o