Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Call AAA Roof Repair

Okay, I know the guy probably knows what he's doing, but it just looked a little risky.  Ha!  If I saw this at home, I'd dial 911.  : )


Ann said...

At least it looks like he has a fire extinguisher hose in his hand! Doesn't surprise me--you see many things on Ilsa that make you scratch your head & wonder!

drgeo said...

On the Do It Right (Mike Holmes) TV show on HGTV they tell us it is ok to melt a thick pad of rubberized material as an underlayment to seal the roof. It prevents leaks around nail heads. That more typically happens on flat roofs. Let's see if there is an outer layer of roofing that goes on top.

Life's a Beach! said...

We walked past on the way home from the beach today and the roof has a new coat of white paint on it. Craig thinks the roof is concrete and the guy was melting tar to seal the crack at the top where the two pieces meet? drgeo -- That wasn't in the report! HA!

Conner Spear said...

Err, roof fire! It must be due to faulty chimneys or poor wiring in its attic. This is why it's important to pick the right roofing materials. Wood slates can be very flammable whereas asphalt roofing shingles are more fire resistance.

Conner Spear

Pleasance Faast said...

Not only that Conner, aside from considering the materials, maintenance of the roof is the most important. Proper insulation of attic and chimney will prevent the heat from going into the roofing material layers.

Chantay said...

Conner and Pleasance, it could also be due to the moss and debris accumulated on rooftops. During the dry season, they could be a fire hazards. It's important to have our roofs regularly clean to prevent these kind of build ups.
Chantay Smithingell @ MuthRoofing.com