Saturday, November 26, 2011

Los Enanitos Toreros

Friday morning on the way to our secret sea glass hunting beach, we came across a work in progress.  We think it's a bullring for an event this next week.

We suspect that because we've been seeing these posters all over town!   It translates to dwarf bullfighters of  Mexico (not exactly P.C. terminology N.O.B.).  Comic bullfighting with matadors of very short stature?  

I'm not sure if I'd want to try and stomach a traditional bullfight, but this appears to be more of a comedy act.  We'll have to investigate a little further!  Let's face it.  This is something we'd never see at home!  It might be a very unusual cultural experience if it isn't too gory!

Not to change the subject, but the pickin's were good this morning!

While we like to think of this as our secret location, we actually had visitors the other morning.  Fortunately, we'd already cleaned the beach!  : )


Ann said...

Can't wait to see the photos of the bullfight if you go! Since it's not a secret anymore, can you tell me where your beach is? Message me--i won't be there at the same time as you !

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann,it's really not a secret, but not as well known as Playa Media Luna. I sent you instructions on Facebook. We'll see about the bullfight! I have to spend Thursday in Cancun at the dentist's again, but I think the poster says November 30? Maybe Wentcoastal will have some info about it on her blog.