Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sedona Colors

I'm so excited!  I finally figured out the problem with my slow blog page.  Maybe it wasn't painful for readers, but I could barely scroll down the page. I took Ann's advice and switched to Firefox.  It's a miracle!  

 This whirligig sculpture with the majestic Red Rocks in the background is my fave!

The Big Clucker!

A way out West!
I thought for sure I was going to have to redesign this blog page by deleting all the gadgets and seriously reducing the size and number of photos.  Plop plop fizz fizz -- I'm free once again to post with wild abandon! 


Ann said...

Glad it's working for you! Takes awhile to get used to, but I ended up with it on both my computer now! If you're looking for one, there is a great plugin translator called ImTranslator that is easy to use! Love the vibrancy of the photos!

drgeo said...

Delightful whirligig! In a strategic corner of your yard you could pick off a snoopy Bumpases or two.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, the only problem with changing was that I lost my bookmarks. Not sure why. But Firefox is lightning fast and the blog is functioning well again. I also made all the switches on Blogger to the new editor and new home page in my quest to figure out what was wrong. I found out that the Blogger problems forum is not much help!

drgeo, the Bumpuses haven't flown south for the winter yet. Can't wait for the auto body/Corvette sales lot to open. There's a small cavern (maybe soon to be cenote) in their front yard from a large leak in one of their irrigation pipes. I haven't peaked over the wall into their backyard lately because I just don't want to know. At least someone still mows the front yard. One bonus is the wonderful early morning sound of all the pigeons (rats of the sky) roosting in their tile roof.

Anonymous said...

That whirligig sculpture is beautiful!!!


Linda said...

LOVE that whirlygig!!!


CurlSnout said...

Neat pics!