Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blame It on the Baguette!

One of my favorite breakfasts on Isla Mujeres is the BLT Baguette at Bally Hoo.   They add avocado for me and it is so good!  Friday morning after his first open water dive, Craig was famished, so we met on Medina and headed to Bally Hoo.

The sandwich tasted wonderful.  We were sitting there enjoying the beautiful morning, watching the fishing boats.  Somewhere in the second half of the baguette, I started encountering grit.  Had they put sand in my sandwich?   Surely not!

I then realized it wasn’t sand.  As my tongue swiped across the back of my front teeth, I realized I was missing half of a tooth!

Crap!  While some people come to Mexico for dental work, it was never my plan!  I was more than puzzled because I just had my teeth checked and cleaned last week at home.  Fortunately, I remembered a friend mentioning that his dentist in Cancun was state of the art, so we headed to his apartment.  He quickly got in touch with another friend of ours who had the dentist's number and could make the appointment.  A few hours later, I was sitting in a dental chair in Cancun.  Drat.

Long story short, while the BLT Baguette from Bally Hoo was muy delicioso, it was very expensive!  I thought I'd lost a filling in one of my front teeth, but it turned out to be the crown a cosmetic dentist had done back in Washington State.  And there was no patching it until I could get home since we're here for a month.  It was completely cracked.

I'm now happy to announce that once again, I have two front teeth.  I guess all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!  (Remember that song?) 

I'm also excited to have internet service once again!  Hallelujah! I'm definitely more excited about that than the new crown  We go back to Cancun on Wednesday morning for some final work.  Hopefully, everything with the new crown will be todo bien.   I'll give the full report on that in another post.

On a happier note, we made it to the beach everyday last week except Friday!  The water feels warmer than other Novembers I’ve visited. 

Once again, life is good!


Jane said...

Oh Beck, that's a nightmare! How many times have I worried about how awful it would be to break a front tooth while on vacation, ... !!!

Janet said...

Oh no Becky! I have worked in a dental office for more than 20 years, and that is always in the back of my mind, a dental emergency while on vacation, especially the front teeth. It sounds like you have found a good dentist and are being taken care of. Good luck, and enjoy your time in paradise!!

Anonymous said...

What a find in the dentist in Cancun! Glad that it has worked out - dental problems while on vacation are no fun!


drgeo said...

A gap in your front teeth would make a good slot for your piña colada straw. Oh well.

Ann said...

Glad your were able to get it taken care of quickly! Great new header!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Ann! Ricardo from the Fire Opal made the call for me and got me an appointment a few hours later. It was a Friday afternoon, so I was very grateful to get in. I'm pretty confident about the dentist, but my front teeth are just a nightmare to match crownwise. At least I'm here for a month, so I can always go back a third time if something's not quite right. And maybe we can finally pick up some beach chairs at Costco.