Monday, November 21, 2011

Name That Bird

Returning from a long morning walk a few days ago, we noticed this beautiful pink bird next to the walkway across Salina Grande.  I literally gasped when I saw it!

I was going to ask for help identifying this gorgeous bird, but this weekend we noticed a display in the zocalo set up in conjunction with the Caribbean Festival.  The paper maiche version of the real thing was displayed.  Espatula Rosada.  I think that would translate to pink spoonbill.

The paper maiche version.


Kathy said...

That's a Roseate Spoonbill! They are very pretty. I saw a fairly large flock of them feeding in a shallow river in Costa Rica..they work together to stir up the silt and feed from the little crabby bits that swim off. They get their color from what they eat--like flamingos!


Ann said...

I was was going to say what Kathy posted ( the name). I think they are mostly around the Salina. Lots of beautiful birds on Isla -I love the egrets!

Life's a Beach! said...

Great to know that Kathy! They are gorgeous! Ann, that's my first sighting of one of those on Isla.

I posted this from Adrian's internet because once again, the internet was on last night for the first time in days, then it went poof! Now I come home and the condo's been cleaned and we once again have WiFi. I'm afraid to leave again.