Sunday, November 27, 2011

Postcards from the Colonias

 I have to admit, living in the colonias this trip has been a big learning curve.  We've stayed away from El Centro many times, but usually on the water skirting the edge. This trip, we're right smack dab in the middle.

For example, last night I laid in bed listening to a street of barking dogs, music and a loudspeaker from a beach club out on the bayside, a motorcycle racing up and down the street, clapping and cheering from a sports stadium south of here in La Gloria, music from the church down the street, neighborhood kids playing, a loudspeaker mounted on a golfcart announcing an upcoming event, someone practicing a trumpet, and the call of the cheese from Senor Queso Oaxaca.  We'd seen him earlier in the day in El Centro with his cheese atop his head.

It truly is a cacophony that begins early in the morning with roosters and bicycle horns and intensifies throughout the day until it peaks around  9:00 or 10:00 p.m.  Saturday's the noisiest night of the week.  Literally, loud music (of the Mexican polka style variety) just ended an hour ago as the sun came up.  The music stopped when the roosters started crowing.

My favorite time of day is morning.  It begins with rooster crows, chicken clucks, and bird calls.  After that, the bicycle horns begin.  I wonder if those guys ever get carpal tunnel from honking those horns?  Later, two women pull a trike cart through the neighborhood loaded with plants and a selection of vegetables.  Last week as Craig and I passed them, a woman's voice suggested Senor, you need honey.  So in addition to onions, corn, and various plants, they must sell honey!  Later in the day, a woman rides down the street insistently yelling ta-ma-les! Ta-ma-les!  Throughout the day, golfcarts with loudspeakers patrol the streets promoting upcoming events on the island.  Craig wondered the other day if the recording could be repeating Attention!  Evacuate the island immediately.  He's such a kidder.  I assured him the doomsday news probably won't arrive by gocart or golfcart.

Our location is growing on us.  The past few nights I've left the earplugs out.  It's all fading into background noise.

We're also enjoying the scenes from our daily morning walks.  Yesterday, we finally located the island's singular horse -- at least it's the first one I've seen!  I spotted someone riding it in June, and now I know where it lives.

A pretty pink house with utility pails full of plants.

A horse grazing on a vacant lot in La Gloria!  Seriously, you just never know WHAT you're going to see!  We turned a corner yesterday morning and there it was!

 This well-kept home has beautiful roses to coordinate with the blue paint.

 A block away behind a garden gate, we have the ugly ducks.  (At least I think they're ducks!)

This rooster was lurking in the same pen as the ducks!  We hear him and now we know where he lives!

Love the frilly patterned curtains that let in the breeze and keep out the sun.

Directions to the licuado/juice store.

Fishing floats adorn this casa.

The neighborhood plant and vegetable cart.

Altar a few blocks away.

Last night returning from dinner in El Centro, we rode in the same cab we'd used earlier in the day.  I call him the geriatric taxi driver because he drives very slowly and lurches and swerves a lot as he hunches over the wheel.  I fear his children could be taking the cab keys away from him soon.  We tell him Lool Beh and he says -- Casa Blanca.  Then I laugh nervously fearing that he'll actually drop us off at the real Casa Blanca.  I can't decide if he's making a little joke, or just referring to the fact that Lool Beh is white.  Or maybe he thinks I look like a stripper?  (Joke!)


krisla said...

You provide a nice window into the Colonias life and sounds. I wonder if I could get used to that much action and nonstop noise? fun fotos...
Love to see where that horse lives! k

Life's a Beach! said...

What a difference a day makes! It's so quiet tonight out here. No noise whatsoever! Everyone must collapse on Sunday night! We saw the horse on our Saturday morning walk somewhere in the south end of La Gloria more towards the Caribe side. South and east of the Super Express? I'll take note of the location next time I see it.

Lynda said...

Hi Becky - nice to run into you and Craig on Saturday night. I think I saw the horse on the road that travels from the Super Express to the new church, tucked into a small yard. Sure looks like the same horse. Sometimes he/she is tethered across the street from the new church, or near the newer cemetary. Good eats along the roadside in the tall grass. Cold night tonight, brrr. Cheers Lynda

Life's a Beach! said...

Lynda, great running into you the other night. I'm sure it's the same horse! We had walked past the church and were headed back towards the Super Express! I definitely have a jacket on tonight!

Gloria said...

Your posts are stirring up that hunger to get back to the Island again.

Was there in May...hope to return in February.

Keep sharing!