Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer's Here!

Today's June 19 and it looks like the weather is finally turning. We've had a record streak in June of below 100 degree temps dipping into the lo-70's at night. Seriously, anything in the 90's here in June is wonderful! I've actually been sleeping with the windows open! But the forecast for tomorrow shows 103 with gradually increasing temps up to about 107 by mid-week. But it was a glorious ride while it lasted. I don't have a comparison from 2008, but I got my electric bill today and it was much lower than last year! I'll take it! And they're even predicting a possible monsoon storm for today. It'll probably be a dry storm here in the valley (evaporates before it hits the ground), but the high is still supposed to be below 100! It's the little things in life! HA!

Here's a video with some beautiful beach pics to kick off the summer!


Jamqueen said...

I still have flannel sheets on our bed! They are predicting it will warm up next week...we shall see!

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

Warm is nice but 100 degree weather is bake your cookie's We have had a slow start to summer but no hydro bills other than for lighting here.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I think the cool wave is over now here. It's 100 plus for us now! And Doogan, 100 isn't so bad in Phoenix. It's 115 that's the kiler. They raise electricity rates in the summer, so the bills are frightening. But they're much smaller in the winter because we don't run heat and the rates go down. Our gas bill in the summer is about $15 because the plumbing is in the attic, so we almost turn the water heater off!