Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Antique Travels

Since Craig's playing golf today, we took a little trip to one of my favorite antique malls yesterday afternoon. Normally, I'd name the mall and give them some publicity, but a tight little woman who worked there kept following me around giving me dirty looks. Everytime I looked up, she was right there staring at me. It was in Mesa -- what can I say! But I had a great time anyway! I know it was because of the camera, but people use them in antique malls so they can go home, look at the photo, and imagine the piece in their house! Especially since all sales are final! It's not like Costco where you can bring the item back! So a camera shouldn't bother her!

I guess I should have told her I was scouting her shop out for a Country Living photo shoot. HA!

Wicker and Lace

Lots of Red, White, and Blue and Wabbits

I love garden antiques. Look at the old porch swing!

Great summer wallhanging!

Love this old suitcase!

Here's a great idea. I have one of these old boilers somewhere! I loved the white enamelware coffee pot (and collect them), but I don't pay $50 for them!

More red, white, and blue!

All dressed up, no place to go.

Notice the shell mosaic birdbath beside the wicker chair! I didn't see it until I got home and uploaded the photos! Very cool!

Shabby Chic!

I can't enter an antique mall now without thinking of my aunt! She was my main partner in crime when it came to antiquing. When I saw these bird prints, it made me think of her! Of course, I think of her everyday. Funny how I still think I need to call her, and then remind myself she's not there.

Is some club member missing her hat? Yee gods -- as the woman across the street growing up used to say! Would some Red Hat actually wear one of these? Love the Christmas ornaments on the one. Nice touch!


Scottozoid said...

Oh the red hats will always remind me of me Dearly Departed Mum...there was a nice little contingent of Red Hatters at her funeral...

I used to really give Mom the bizness about the Red Hat girls...

"So let me get this straight...all of you girls "of a certain age" have all banded together to celebrate your individuality, so to show the world how unique each of you are, you all wear the same color hat?"

Love the antique mall stuff you still got that nice faux postcard look going on

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Scott! I have a friend who does the Red Hat stuff and loves it. I'm not much of a joiner, and I COULD not bring myself to wear the colors! But then again, I never wanted to wear the school colors in college either. : ) My mother went to a Red Hat meeting one time and thought the women were old (she's 84) and hoighty toighty! HA!