Monday, June 1, 2009


I set off on a roadtrip to Joplin, Missouri bright and early Saturday morning. Sometimes you're just not quick enough with the camera to snap the truly bizarre pics along the way. I missed the pet goat tied up in the junky yard in Oswego, Kansas grooming the front lawn, the tiny shetland ponies under a big umbrella by a Galena, Kansas porch, the old Coca Cola cooler on the front lawn in Crestline, and a guy I recognized from high school following me down the highway on his lawnmower.

I did take a lot of photos in the antique stores. Antiquing has always been one of my favorite stress-relieving pursuits. I forget all problems when I'm on the hunt! And as always, I wished I was driving Craig's SUV instead of heading home on a plane. You always see the best stuff when you don't have an economical way to get it home!

Cwazy Wabbit!

Another Shiny Red Bike!

Pots and Cupboards


Wicker Doll Sofa

My mother questioned this wooden Indian's hand placement. Ha!

And here we have inappropriate Rapper Santa, who also seems to be grabbing his package.


jeanie said...

Dang I lead a sheltered life up here. Where are all these weird things? If you bought any of that stuff where the heck would you put it? LMAO at your mom's observation and what is IN those hand?

Sue said...

Great pictures, once again - you have such a great eye.

Isla Deb said...

I've been through Joplin myself a few times being a St. Louis native. And I had the same thought about the Great pics!

Islagringo said...

I think you and your Mom have dirty minds! Santa looks like he is asking for a hand out to me.

Bennie said...

I am with Islagringo... I think you and your mom have dirty minds. But those hands are placed just right to make you do a double take.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks all of you! It was great to get out for the day and do something I enjoy. It took my mind off everything else. My antiquing friend came up with the Rapper Santa concept, but I was shocked when my mother blurted that out about the Indian! I think he was holding a 'pole' or 'gun' in his hands. Nothing dirty about that!!! HA! My mother is not a very humorous person, so I was shocked!