Saturday, June 6, 2009


I saw this cute toddler's Hawaiian shirt in an antique mall and it made me pine for the tropics. Makes me want to book a return trip to Kauai or Isla for October! Hmmmmmm. I may have to throw a tropical tantrum and start searching for cheap airfare! : )


jeanie said...

We're aiming for October too. The only problem is I seem to have lost my passport in the move. Love the little shirt!

Bennie said...

A tropical tantrum? I've never thrown one of those, I need instructions on how to do this please.

I saw a kid over the weekend at our SunFun festival here and he was throwign a hizzy fit. I told my friend and Stefan who were with me that I should go over to the kid and tell him he was doing it all wrong. Then tell him he's supposed to get on the ground, kick, scream, cry and call his parents by their full names.

I decided not to go coach the kid for fear of having some maniac mother whip my butt in the park.