Monday, June 29, 2009

Confucious Say -- Mandarin Chef!

Saturday, I declared it was my turn to choose the restaurant since Craig chose Joe's Farm Grill on Friday night. Since it's our anniversary stay-cation, we're eating out! So I decided on a little Chinese joint not far from us -- Mandarin Chef. They have lunch specials that include soup, egg roll, crab puff, and choice of main dish. I ordered the shrimp and vegetables -- Craig the moo goo gai pan.

While we were waiting on our egg drop soup, we perused the Chinese Zodiac placements. Guess what! I'm the Snake -- because I was born in 1953. Craig always gets a big laugh out of that. The Snake! And since I was born in 1953, I'm vain with a high temper. Huh? While Craig, born in 1951, is Mr. Congeniality! According to the Chinese Zodiac, I should have married The Cock (hmmmmm) or The Ox, but instead I married a Rabbit! HA! And the Rabbit should have married The Sheep (a mindless follower?) or The Boar (bore?).

Confucious say -- Rabbit who marry Snake may have BIG trouble!
Confucious say -- Why everyone born in same year have same personality?

Soon, the egg drop soup arrived. Yum!

Then my shrimp and vegetables. Craig actually got his food too, but I was too enthralled with my dish to even try his!

As Arnold says, I'll be back! : ) Not just for the Chinese Zodiac advice, but also for the lunch specials! That's a lot of food for $6 a meal!


Moongrl722 said...

Mmmm! I am a Dragon! Confucious say "Man who keeps hand in pocket feel cocky all day"

Vee said...

Good post, Beck. I also enjoy the Chinese signs. I've missed your blog for a week - time to catch up!

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

10.15pm and now I am hungry after seeing the pictures.
I could convince myself that Chinese would be a light snack before bed time. After all a Ox like I, needs to be fed frequently.

Bennie said...

I'm a Dragon.