Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Duckling!

There's a new kid in town!

It's a duckling, and it's not ugly!

Is this adorable, or what!

When Craig came back with the duck report this morning, he said there were two new mallards with a duckling. I wonder where the other ducklings are? Craig said maybe they hadn't hatched yet, the eggs got eaten, etc... We're a little puzzled because we usually see a mom and dad with each set of ducklings. Craig said these look like two hens because the male usually has a dark green head. Hmmmmmmm. I hope they keep an eye on this baby and fend off the coyotes and cats!


Jamqueen said...

It's adorable!

Bennie said...

So I guess the other ducks are doing OK too? I just don't think of ducks and Arizona going together. I heard you are on day 11 below 100! What a nice break.