Monday, June 22, 2009

Joe's Farm Grill

Craig and I decided to try someplace new on Father's Day -- a restaurant a friend told me about a year ago. Joe's Farm Grill! It's a 60's style barbecue/diner grill located in what was formerly a 60's style ranch house on the edge of a new retro-style neighborhood called Agritopia. We looked at homes there when we were house shopping, but decided it was too close to the new 202 freeway.

The 60's style sign!

Plenty of seating inside, outside, and at picnic tables under the trees.

We were sitting under the misters on the patio when I noticed this sign by the tree next to us.

The thought of a scorpion infestation made me want to move, but Craig pointed out that it was probably a good way to keep kids from climbing the huge trunk of the gigantic old mesquite.

The restaurant is surrounded by flowers and garden patches. There's an actual farm onsite where they grow their own organic greens, veggies, and herbs. There's also a coffee shop and farm produce stand. Almost makes me want to move to Agritopia!

This a/leaf symbol is the insignia for the neighborhood Agritopia. I always get a laugh when I see it because last year the cops busted a grow house in the neighborhood. Does that look like a pot leaf? And the name Agritopia now reminds me of the fictional suburbia, Agrestic, in Showtime's Weeds.

I fully intended to take photos of our food, but the batteries on the camera went dead. Craig had a BBQ combo with baby back ribs, barbecued chicken, pulled pork, coleslaw, and onion rings. I had a farm salad with fresh greens and veggies topped with curried chicken salad. Yummmm. But we both agreed that the wide variety of hamburgers and sandwiches look like the best items on the menu. So we'll be back one of these evenings when the place is less crowded to sample those burgers with fries and onion rings!

And I'll bring the camera with some extra batteries next time!

If you want to check it out, go to!


Bennie said...

Sounds like a good fathers day to me.

Jamqueen said...

Looks like a nice place to eat! Can't wait for photos!

Isla Deb said...

I LOVE those kinds of places! Be sure to go back for more pictures, including the food and menu! And don't forget to bring an extra battery...just in case! Ha!Ha!

Moongrl722 said...

Cool place. 'Weeds' is my fave show!