Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home Again!

Baby Golfer is in the house! Not sure if he would like me referring to him that way, so don't tell him! He's back in Phoenix for a short R&R after being on the road since February. He's parked his wagon and is taking time off to veg, swim in the pool, and play some golf.

Tuesday morning we took a long swim in the pool and then set off in search of a new cellphone for me. First stop was Costco. Fortunately, Michael knew the guy managing the cellphone business in that store. It was his next door neighbor from his ASU East college days. And like Michael, the guy has found out he can make a better living doing something other than golf management. Michael's friend steered me away from the phone I'd been looking at to the best deal in the house -- a new Blackberry phone for free.

After the cellphone purchase, we headed to Pita Jungle for lunch. I didn't get any photos of the food, but I did trick Michael into a photo with the new camera phone. Pita Jungle's been one of Michael's favorite Phoenix restaurants since college days, and now they've opened a new location close to our neighborhood. They serve organic Greek/Mediterranean food. I ordered the Pita Rustica with grilled chicken, artichokes, and roasted peppers. Michael had the Beef Gyro with a side order of what he says is the BEST hummus he's ever had. And it was good!

I spent the afternoon trying to figure out the new phone. (I'll probably be spending more than one afternoon! HA!) Can't remember if I've ever posted this here, but here's the Baby Golfer! He was gone all day today playing golf with friends. Thirty-six holes (18 at The Raven, 18 at McCormick Ranch) in 111 degree heat. They MUST be CRAZY!


Chrissy y Keith said...

I have heard that Pita Jungle is good and we have one close bye but I haven been there. McCormic Ranch must have been horrible hot today. The boy have huevos no doubt.

Jamqueen said...

I'm sure it's great to have him home for a visit! Enjoy it!

MD in Texas said...

YUM!!! Your choice for lunch sounds delicious!

And my, what a hunk of a son you have! Enjoy the visit.

Vee said...

Michael looks a lot like you, Beck. Enjoy your time together. And good luck with the Blackberry. I've considered getting one, too.

jeanie said...

Beck your post made feel warm and fuzzy so I called MY baby golfer.

Bennie said...

Great pictures of your baby golfer. Looks like he might have grown up a little on you though.

You will love the Crackberry. Did you have one before? I used to have a Treo and loved having my e-mail. I'm back to a regular phone and miss having data. Sniffle... So I carry my Apple iTouch which has wireless.

Life's a Beach! said...

Baby Golfer was exhausted today after his 36 holes yesterday. But we took another trip to Pita Jungle and he bought me lunch this time. I also loaded some music onto my phone.

Bennie, I've never had a Blackberry and probably don't need one, but I couldn't resist a free deal like that! I'm low tech, but I decided it was time to upgrade! Baby steps! Ha!