Friday, June 1, 2012

The End

In an effort to hurry up and finish the saga of our trips to Isla, I'll just show a video from our November/December trip. We actually tripped the light fantastic to Isla Mujeres three times in 2011. Looking back on it, we must have been crazed!

Today's just been nuts with all the usual pre-trip errands and chores in addition to trying to get our son settled at our house. Craig and I had forgotten how painful and debilitating a broken clavicle is. 
Depending on my wireless connection on the island, I'll try to continue posting a bit. Hopefully tomorrow at this time, we'll be landing in Cancun and on our way to the ferry.See ya when I see ya!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Beck! I know you're worried about your son but he'll be okay. Yes, broken clavicles are very painful - never had one but know others who have.


drgeo said...

Bon voyage!

I hear there is a huge party at your house next weekend-- sorry can't attend.

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, LOL! Maybe if there's a party they'll bring him some food!

Jeanne, Craig broke his twice back in our skiing days. Ugh. Hope Michael heals quickly!

Nancy said...

Becky, I just sat and smiled while watching this. You really have a knack for composition. And some of the shots you got, I tried and there was always a car parked in front of a building, or trash cans or something in the way. Excellent!