Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Isla Wash Day

I'm back home washing clothes from our trip today, and not having a washer/drier on Isla makes me appreciate my life at home.   I often wash delicate items out in the sink on Isla and hang them to dry,  so I can only imagine how tough it is on a daily basis to get clothes clean and dry without the modern conveniences.

Here are some more clotheslines to add to my collection!

Dolls on the clothesline in front of the candy store on Juarez.  I'm guessing they're displayed for sale?

Hidalgo clothesline.  I'm glad my underwear doesn't have to hang on Hidalgo!

Little people clothes on the line across from Ixchel.

Clothesline along the malecon.

Sunday washday.

Sale line.

A bike with laundry bags!  And a wash machine!

Clothesline on the street.

Love the combination of colors with this malecon clothesline!


Island Nana said...

Beck, I have one of your laundry masterpieces framed on my office wall. It cheers me up everyday and inspires lots of conversations with the elderly residents of my building.

drgeo said...

Which Mexican laundry detergent do you think smells best?

Life's a Beach! said...

Judith, I'm flattered that you put it on your office wall. That's my favorite laundry photo!

drgeo, I think I'd have to say Ariel! But it doesn't smell as good here in the U.S.