Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Taste of Cuba at El Varadero

One of our goals (not that we had a list) on this last Isla Mujeres trip was to rediscover some of the places we'd frequented in the past, but hadn't visited in a few years.   So our last day on Isla in mid-afternoon after a dip in the pool, we pointed the Chevy golfcart in the direction of  El Varadero for mojitos on the back porch. 

Directions on how to get there?  Oh Lord.  For accurate directions, go to www.cancunmap.com and order a map from Laura and Perry!  If you want to wing it, follow my directions.  Head south on Medina out the bayside, turn west at the corner north of the jr. high,  and then turn south when you hit the street along the lagoon.  You'll wind around past fishing shacks, boats, and cooperatives.  If you're familiar with Chuuk Kay, El Varadero is located next door. 


Turn down the little driveway at the sign and the restaurant is located at the back of the property on the water in this old modified boat/building.  As the sign says, open from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

We always head to the back porch and sit at an old wooden table by the bar.

The rustic porch hangs over the water and is one of the best spots on the island to watch boats headed in and out of the Laguna Makax.

Since it was mid-afternoon and we were making Father's Day one long progressive meal, we stuck to drinks and guacamole.

 El Varadero's known for its mojitos, and they're very good!

 This joint's all about everything Cuba, from mojitos to the decor and food!

The place was hopping with salsa and locals on Sunday since it was also Father's Day in Mexico!

And please excuse these photos.  This is what happens when you have a camera with a lot of fancy dials and forget and leave it on sunset for the entire day.  Oops!

I didn't get an accurate translation on this verse painted on the wall, but it's about the calming effects of the sea and peaceful night dreams.  Ahhhhhh.

If you're visiting Isla Mujeres and want some authentic flavor, stop by El Varadero for a sit on the backporch and a sip of mojitos!


Ann said...

Great post1 We've never ended up going there...maybe next trip!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, wish I'd had my camera set on a normal setting! LOL! Next time, we'll order a meal. Our rental agent told us they have great fish!

krisla said...

Good reminder...haven't been there in quite awhile...quaint & authentic feel I remember. Hope they're still doing well, esp. w/new competition in the neighborhood. Will stop in next time there. thanks. -k

Janet said...

Becky, love this place. We stopped by there twice this trip for mojitos and appetizers, fish fingers and a really good shrimp with creole sauce (wasn't on the menu), just delicious! So fun to watch all those boats coming in to dock,and to enjoy the fun people that work there!

Life's a Beach! said...

Janet, I wish we'd hit at meal time and sampled something besides the guac and chips! I've heard the food's great!

Kris, it had a lot of business in mid-afternoon on Father's Day. Mostly locals, but the place had a lot of people! El Varadero feels very authentic!

Anonymous said...

Just back from a week on Isla. Had dinner at El Varadero three nights and the food was fabulous each time. On our last night, ordered a seafood platter for four to share. It was a work of art, with three kinds of fish, lobster, shrimp, squid, beans and rice piled in the middle, interesting sliced fruits, all laid out on banana leaves. Highly recommend. We'll be returning to Isla in the spring and will be back at our little table on the porch, chatting with our friend Jose.