Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aim Higher

Instead of wishing for a retro pink Chevy golfcart, maybe I should aim higher!  Perhaps one of these?

  And speaking of boats, I snapped a lot of photos on this morning's walk.

At first I thought the Lety had become a floating planter!

And yes, I know, this last one isn't a boat, but it's on a dock.  How have I missed this for so many years?

Wonder what kind of snacks Dallas serves?  


Ann said...

Wonderful shots as usual! Hope the weather is improving!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, we went to Playa Norte late this morning and it was beautiful. There's kind of a marine layer that burns off by mid-morning. It's very windy and the water's choppy, but I've heard that's supposed to improve tomorrow. I'm hoping for a late afternoon downpour to clear out the air!

Anonymous said...

Am loving your posts as usual. Thanks!


krisla said...

Love all those boats...
charming & quirky
they capture Isla perfectly... k

Nancy said...

I just love all the boat photos. I have never seen that snack bar or a picture of it before either.