Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strolling Medina

Dr. Simi strolling down Medina.  While I was standing there, a local guy tried to hand him a six-pack of empties.  Do you think he sees out of the mouth?  All I can say is that's a hot job to have in the tropics!

Vendor pedaling down the malecon.

Crumbling tacqueria stand.

Orange juice vendor in front of the ferry dock on Medina.

The Sol tent.  I always warn Craig when we're on Isla -- you cannot buy a soul.

The sidewalk imprint by the fish arches.

Flying fish.  Not!

The Coca-Cola beach hut at the end of the day.

 Bally Hoo from the dock.

The braid vendor's discombobulated model.

The bar at Mininos.

These shops on Medina have been closed for so long,  flowering weeds are wrapping around the gate.

The Sunset Star on the south end of Medina in the block before the Navy base.  I've never seen it open, but I probably didn't notice it in my early trips to the island.  One day in June, a man was ripping off part of the roof.

The ever popular paleteria.  We always stop at least once each trip!

Mininos getting ready for a children's party one evening.  Parents were pulling up out front dropping off kids.

The local volleyball game at dusk.


Janet said...

Hi Becky, of course lovely pictures! Good fix, am really missing the island, been a hard adjustment coming home this time. I guess because we're unsure of our next visit, hopefully March. You have such an eye, things I don't even notice, like the the little restaurant by the Navy base, how many times have I passed by it?, yet you see it and take such a colorful picture. Thanks for all your pictures and hard work, we certainly appreciate it!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Janet! I really enjoyed seeing you and Cal again. Sorry we never made it out to your place before you left! Hope to see you again next year!

Ann said...

Great shots! I agree with what janet said about your great eye1