Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Isla Mujeres June 2010

2010 marked the first time we traveled to Isla Mujeres during the summer months.  Since Craig and I were both working, the winter and spring months were off the list for travel.  That left summer as our first opportunity for a getaway.  When we lived in Seattle, I thought only crazy people booked vacations on Isla Mujeres in the summer months.  Our summers in the Northwest were beautiful, so why would someone want to travel down there in hurricane season with the high humidity and insufferable heat?

Then we moved to Phoenix.  Everyone says it's a dry heat, but once the temps are above 110 degrees, it's a blast furnace.  June can be one of the worst months with  temps sometimes rising into the 115 to 120 degree range, so Isla Mujeres in the summer now sounds like bliss!

The last week in June 2010, I went first as the advance team.  I booked a standard room at Ixchel for the first three nights and spent a few relaxing days lounging on Playa Norte, hunting seaglass, eating at my favorite restaurants, and wandering town taking photos before Craig arrived.

Sunset on Playa Norte.

The enchilada suizas at La Lomita.  And no, I didn't eat the whole plate! 

This was the trip where Mr. Got Crack walked up and down Playa Norte with a baby everyday, leaving a trail of women clutching their cameras and giggling.

The morning before Craig arrived, I packed and moved to our home for the first week -- Deep Blue Condos.  We really enjoyed staying there and would love to return.  Last year when I tried to contact someone about a monthly rental, the number didn't work and I couldn't find any info online.  Wonder if they still rent apartments? 

The drop dead views from the rooftop pool.

Gorgeous sunset view from the rooftop.


The living room at Deep Blue.

Craig swam with the whale sharks that trip. 

We rented a golfcart for the week we were at Deep Blue and had a blast touring the island. 

After our week at Deep Blue, we moved to Luna Turquesa for the rest of our stay.  Here's Craig pampering our pals Odd and Missy.  Craig spent a few more days on the island, then had to return to Phoenix for work.  I hung on for five more nights and flew back to Phoenix in mid-July.

Here's a slideshow of my 2010 Isla photos.

Isla Mujeres 2010 - free slideshow maker

Now, back to packing for our next trip to Isla!  This week's been a little stressful.  Michael arrives home tomorrow.  After a mountain bike accident in Colorado on Memorial Day, he'll be spending some time here healing his broken clavicle.  The silver lining is that he's now available to dogsit  Saby while we're in Mexico.  She'll be happy to stay at home instead of going to Dog Bone Ranch.


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