Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Window Shopping -- Southwest Style!

During my childhood, my aunt lived on a hill above the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. The Plaza, designed in Spanish/European style in 1922, was the nation's first outdoor suburban shopping center and known for its beautiful fountains and Christmas lights! But back to the topic. After family dinners (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...), my aunt would ask me if I wanted to stroll the Plaza and window shop. So I have fond memories of window shopping -- maybe even stopping into a local restaurant for a piece of holiday pie!

So this is my rendition of holiday window shopping for you! Take a peek into some of these Southwest windows!

Love the greenery and cactus with the old adobe!

Love the white shutters and Christmas wreaths!

All kinds of goodies in this window!

Angels anyone?

And what could be better than a toy shop window with a sock monkey and rubber duck!

No goods for sale here, but I love the blue paint and rustic shutters!

A gallery with pottery and lovely painted wooden boxes!

Red peppers and a blue window!

Some Dia de los Muertos items!

More red pepper garlands and Christmas ornaments!

How much is that doggie in the window?

Anyone want shiny objects for Christmas?

And I love this nativity scene!

The attraction here was the purple paint and rustic cross on the outside.

Some little Indian dolls?

And look at the architectural shape of this old shop window!


Isla Deb said...

Great windows! I love what you do with your photos.

Sue said...

Wow, Beck - such nice photos. You have a great eye. Thanks!

jeanie said...

You've done it again Beck! Stunning!

Vee said...

Excellent, Beck. Love all the colors!