Friday, December 5, 2008

Saby -- Road Warrior!

Saby's a real road warrior! There's nothing she likes better than a long car trip. She can sit up in the backseat for two days straight staring out the window at the scenery -- jack rabbits, dogs, horses, sheep. She particularly loves feed yards, but not for the smell! She can't believe the sheer number of cows in one location. If only she could jump out of the car and herd! But after a long day on the road, she wants her blanket. After we got into the room tonight, it suddenly registered with me that she was loudly lapping up water and I hadn't even gotten her bowl out yet to fill it. Oh GOD! Not the toilet! Ick ick ick. I won't be asking Saby for a good night kiss tonight! :)


jeanie said...

I heart Saby! You are my first read of the morning Beck so I just caught up with your road trip. My hopes and prayers to Craig's mom.

Sue said...

I just read about Craig's mom - so sorry to hear that, and hoping for the best. I hope Saby stays warm on this road trip - she has a pretty nice blanket!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Jeanie and Sue! Craig's mom seems to be more stable now, but she's 87, so recovery is pretty fragile. Saby loves looking out the window, but motel life makes her nervous. She keeps close to the door in hopes that she won't be left in the room!