Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas's change from year to year, depending on circumstances. I remember the extreme joy of those childhood Christmas's, with visits to Santa, opening presents, participating in church and school Christmas pageants . . . . But then I remember years when the excitement level was dim. Santa had left the building, the gifts were often necessities and clothing, and the holiday was missing little children to add that particular 'something'! There were a few years when I don't think I discovered the joy of Christmas. Some years were wonderful, while others were almost sad. One year, my grandmother died the week before Christmas and her funeral was Christmas Eve. I know everyone out there in cyberland has a story like that because for some reason, I lot of ill people die in December. But with age comes a little bit of wisdom, and I can usually figure out now how to rekindle that special flame whatever the circumstances.

Here are a few glimpses from my Christmas past.

I'm fairly sure I slept through this Christmas! I'm the baby, so it was Baby's First Christmas.

I'm probaby two in this picture with my brother. I can tell it's Christmas because my grandmother always bought me a velvet dress or jumper for Christmas every year. I think the big brand was a Kate Greenway -- or something like that.

These were the 'wonder years'. Here I'm at my grandparents with Cousin Rob and my brother Larry. We're all petting our presents.

I can't figure out where my brother is! But from the hairdo and dress, I was definitely in high school at the time. My brother probably wasn't home for college break yet. There's a Christmas tree in the background, but not ours. So I'm guessing my parents and I were at some civic or church event.

I love this picture of my parents clowning around on Christmas Eve at my brother's house in Kansas City. We were married by then, but no babies! But we seemed to be having a great time even without any little kids to up the excitement level.

And here's Michael. His second Christmas and there's still no love lost for the man with the big white beard! But I'm sure he was much happier on Christmas morning!

Christmas at my parents house -- age 3! When Michael sat on Santa's lap that year, he choked and told him all he wanted was books for Christmas. That box is definitely not books!

Christmas in Omaha, age 4. Ready to open gifts!

So, life changes and Christmas evolves. If we're lucky, we adapt to find joy in all the moments! Here's wishing that all of you find that 'special something' this Christmas!

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Mele Kalikimaka!

As Tiny Tim said, "God Bless Us Everyone!"


Moongrl722 said...

Great pics and thoughts. I've had a couple of Blue Christmases myself. Worst one was the first year my ex and I were divorced and he took my kids away on Christmas day for 'his turn'. I had just started dating Mr. Wonderful at the time and I went over to his house and bawled my eyes out. He still consoles/distracts me each year. :)

My Grandmother had that same couch in pic 1 and 2...then I had one like it in college. It was grey and scratchy.

Isla Deb said...

Great post, Beck. I know what you mean about people dying in December. The daughter of a woman who works in one of our departments at the university had a one-year-old son who was diagnosed with Krabbe's Disease within the past month...a degenerative brain disorder. He died last week and the blog that his mother had started was circulated around the department. It was one of the most heart-wrenching things I've ever read in my life. It sure makes you re-think all your priorities.

Merry Christmas, Beck.

couzin frank said...

Merry Christmas Beck and have a Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Hey Yecky! I wonder if the picture of you in high school with your mom and dad is at the Lions Ladies Night Christmas Party. The wall in the back looks like the community building in Oswego. And I know I went to a few of the Lions Christmas parties, so maybe you went too?

Merry Christmas!

Vee said...

Merry Christmas, Beck! Thanks for sharing your memories. Hope Santa was good to you this year.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone! It's fun looking back at past years. And Jenny, I also wondered if it could have been a Lions Club event.

Sue said...

It's uncanny how many old pictures you post that I could swear are of our family, including the one of you in the red dress. Very similar pics, I wish I had them scanned so I could post and compare. We even have pics of my grandparents in knitted hats and mitts!