Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Grinchorial Candidates of 2008

Warning -- Rated R for rant. I know I'm leaving some impressive people out, but here's my candidates for Grinch of the Year 2008!

1. The Big Oil Speculators -- Grrrrrrrr. They crippled the American and world economy and made out like bandits. Let's hope some of them didn't get out quick enough and took it in the shorts (but I doubt it).

2. George W. -- I wouldn't even even know where to start with him, but I'll just say -- "You're doin' a heck of a job Brownie." Don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.

3. Bernie Madoff -- His billions weren't enough for him. What a last name for a scammer!

4. Sarah Palin -- She tried to set this country back 30 to 40 years. And I'm not talking about abortion rights. Her attempts to divide people by pitting whites against anyone different than them, small town folks against city dwellers, etc... was just disgusting. I hope she ends up back in Wasilla testifying at Bristol's future meth-cooking mother-in-law's trial. And please dear -- keep your kids in school. I can't remember any past candidate dragging their school age kids around on the election trail for three months parading them in the dog and pony show.

5. My dentist -- Bah humbug! He overcharged me $2200 and then acted put out when I requested a refund check instead of a credit on his books. Nothing like having to grovel to get your money back. Truthfully, that's the first time I've run into that situation. And you ask how I discovered it? The wonders of the internet. Take the time and view your insurance benefits and claims online. I just happened across his 'little' mistake.

6. My shutter company -- The owner slammed my Visa card with a huge bogus charge. After charging me the $600 owed, he then snuck in a little $1600 tip for himself a couple of weeks later. And then waited until I filed a fraud complaint with my Visa card to straighten it out. I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt for 2 weeks until I turned him in. It makes me wonder if hard times are resulting in a lot of scams. So check those Visa bills twice because I had 'extra' charges on my credit card four times this year. The 'found' money (including the dentist) for the year added up to almost $5000.

7. The Bumpus's (our not so esteemed next door neighbors) cat -- Okay, I shouldn't be peeved at an innocent animal, but quit fouling our backyard patio chiminea. That's where I hide the extra key! Nothing like digging through cat poo when you're locked out! And can you imagine the smell if we actually burned wood in that thing! I think I'll turn it into a planter in the spring (if I can get someone else to clean it up!). I think the cat is teasing Saby, but PLEASE! :)

8. Sheriff Joe -- Well, just because he's Sheriff Joe! What other urban county in the nation would re-elect HIM? He's a carnival act unto himself! If only Santa would have brought him a new toupee for Christmas!

9. John Edwards -- What the heck! He has an affair while his wife has breast cancer and then runs for President, knowing full well THAT dropped bomb would lose the election (not to mention his wife's humiliation) if he was nominated. What an egotistical schmuck!

10. I reserve #10 for all the guys in big jacked-up pickup trucks who try to run me over daily in my VW Bug convertible. It's like I'm waving a red flag! Today, it was a red Nissan Titan. His front chrome was dented, so evidently he's squashed a few other bugs. I wish I could fly my fickle middle finger, but THAT behavior gets you shot nowadays! Thank God I'm on blood pressure medication!

Feel free to add to the list! It's good for your health to hang it all out once in awhile! Ahhhhhh. I feel so much better!


jeanie said...

Great list Beck! I'd like to add....
-The buffoons in California that voted for Prop 8 SHAME ON YOU!!
-The complete a$$holes in Arkansas who voted that gay people cannot foster or adopt children.BOOOOOO
-Bell Canada-You have made my life HELL and I'm sure you will continue even though I've switched everything including my phone to cable.
-More to come LOL

Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanie, we had a terrible experience with Qwest down here, which is our version of Bell Canada. We had everything in the house, including internet and television, on Qwest and it was terrible. We switched it all to cable. And another thing about Bell Canada. My husband ended up with an 800 type number in Seattle that Bell Canada had given out mistakenly as one of their customer service numbers. And THAT made OUR life hell while he had that number.

Vee said...

Beck, that's a great list and Jeanie, I agree with your additions. I'd add Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, except that they had nothing new or exceptional to say this year, just same old. How about Rod Blagojevich, who took quid pro quo to a new low (or high?)

Life's a Beach! said...

Those are great additions Vee! Those guys are all on my Bah Humbug list!